En el Pirineo te espera la ¡Pura Experiencia! 💦 Conexión con la naturaleza, adrenalina y diversión ¡Reservo ya! ➤


It’s time to set course to Andorra, whether either the white snow in the winter or the greens of nature in the summer are not only synonyms of fun for children and teens, but also of team spirit and kinship.

Our center, located within the internationally recognized ski resort of Grandvalira, counts with bus parking, restaurant offerings and all the equipment to enjoy the experiences, either during daytime or nighttime, that we list below:



This is an adventure so that your students can put themselves in the shoes of an authentic smuggler of the time. An orientation course and challenges for students of ESO, Bachillerato and Ciclos Formativos in Grau-Roig.


Turn your students into Indiana Jones. They will discover and orient themselves through the forest with snowshoes and learn about rescue with the ARVA system. They will also learn to build an authentic igloo like the Eskimos. Basic survival techniques in the mountains! Challenges for primary, secondary and high school students.

What activities could your students do?

Example 1:

From 10am to 12pm

  • Guided Snow Rackets excursion, allowing the group to venture into the other mountain without needing previous knowledge. We will enjoy unique circuits offered by the landscape of Grau Roig.


Example 2:

From 10am to 1pm

  • Combination of snow activities to promote cooperation and group cohesion, including snow rackets challenges, igloo building, and the use of ARVA (avalanche transceiver).


From 3pm to 4pm

  • Thanks to snowtubing, it will be possible to unleash adrenaline as the group descends the snowy mountain spinning on the tubing. A highly recommended activity if you’re looking for an afternoon filled with guaranteed laughter.

And in case you can’t believe that Andorra could be the perfect destination for your school, please look at the opinions of those who’ve shared with us before you:

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We know that options for you, as such, there´s plenty. And reasons for you to stop searching? We have those, right here:

Certification of Sustainability.

All that we do is availed by our Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Certification. We preach by example: Say no more.

We know what we’re doing.

It has been almost 30 years of creating activities for national and international groups of all sizes and ages, in English as well!

Safety is crucial.

Aaaall of RocRoi’s activities are safely prepared for our groups. We know what can happen and we make sure we prevent it, as we have been doing for so many years already.

Quality as our flag.

RocRoi is a synonym for quality, even if it might be a tad faux pas for us to say it. Our equipment is homologated, and we renovate it every year and we only work with a certified staff.

What’s next? The first contact

We have already told you that we personalise everything, so all that remains is for you to get in touch with us and tell us how you would like to personalise your experience at RocRoi.