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We present these adventures activities for this season:


30min Double snowmobile ride

Grandvalira – Andorra – Grau-Roig

Go for half an hour discovering incredible landscapes, while enjoying unique sensations that offers the snowmobile driving.


2h Snowshoe guided excursion

Grandvalira – Andorra – Grau-Roig

Discover the most beautiful places of the valley in company of one our experienced instructors.



Llavorsí – Pyrenees

Enjoy our promotion Rafting + canyoning for initiation, ideal for beginners and for families with children.


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We work hard to be as respectful as possible with the environment, and this is what the Biosphere sustainable tourism certification guarantees.

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We work with certified guides in various specialties and high quality material, new and approved every year, so that your experience is unique.

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Each person is a world and we adapt to your needs. You ask and we will make it happen.

Most popular activities

These are the most popular experiences all year around

Snowmobiling in Andorra

Offers on snowmobiles in Andorra.
Guided snowmobile routes for excursions in Andorra with RocRoi. Offers and Adventure Experiences in the snow in Grandvalira, Grau Roig.


This is a popular winter activity carried out on a sled pulled by Nordic dogs.
It allows you to enjoy nature by going through stunning tracks and forests. These dogs are properly trained; they enjoy what they do, they instinctively know which ways are the safest and they are also extremely faithful.

This activity is only offered to small groups.


It is one of the most practiced activities for those who prefer to walk instead of sliding on the snow. A snowshoe excursion through the forest will allow us to walk and go hiking enjoying the incredible landscape of the Pyrenees of Andorra in the heart of Grandvalira.
A quiet sport and without any risk suitable for all audiences from 5 years and for all levels, which can be developed in a guided way or without a guide.

Sea open kayak

The “self-emptying”, “sit on top” or “open” kayaks are the safest for navigating the sea. These boats are made of polyethylene, which gives them great buoyancy.

It has drain holes with which all the water that enters through the deck comes out again. They are provided with carrying handles on the sides and bow and stern. In addition, it has a fastening ring system through which the “lifeline” passes, which is a cape that runs the kayak from bow to stern and serves to catch in case of overturning.

These kayaks are very stable since they have more manga than a closed sea kayak. The hull is like that of any other kayak, but the deck is different: we could say that it is like a board but it has a comfortable way to sit and different anchors to support the feet and be able to push the paddle.

In short: it is the most recommended kayak for short trips and to enjoy the summer without previous experience.


Rafting descent is one of the most exciting and fun activities offered by Rocroi. Enjoy and feel white water rafting on the river with your family and friends.

You don’t need any previous knowledge to practice rafting, We take care of all the technical equipment and provide our experienced river guides.

You will enjoy, in the safest and fun way, the emotions of the river in an incomparable environment. Here is the selection we have prepared for you with the different destinations where you can practice rafting with us:

> the Noguera Pallaresa river, at our base in Llavorsí

> the Gállego river, at our base in Murillo de Gállego.


Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practised in the canyons or gullies of a river, and is the preferred activity for nature lovers who are looking for a unique and fulfilling experience.

It is an aquatic activity, as it consists of walking, swimming, jumping, sliding down slides and rappelling down the different ravines in the area. We have several routes available, depending on the level of difficulty you prefer.

You will experience the thrills of the river in a safe and fun way, in an incomparable environment. Here is the selection we have prepared for you with the different destinations where you can practice canyoning:

> in the Catalan Pyrenees, at our base in Llavorsí

> in the Aragonese Pyrenees, at our base in Murillo de Gállego.


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