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Top 4 things to do on a weekend in the Canary Islands

If you are thinking of a weekend getaway and your dream destination is the Canary Islands, but you don’t know how to make the most of the time, here are four TOP activities to do in the islands, either with your family, friends, partner or in your own company.

You just worry about enjoying yourself to the fullest!



Located on the island of Tenerife, it is the largest and oldest of the Canary Islands’ national parks, as well as being the third oldest in Spain. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this true paradise will not leave you indifferent. As a recommendation, and if you are not afraid of heights, the best way to enjoy this park is undoubtedly with an impressive paragliding flight. You will be able to observe the immense landscape from the heights, always with an option adapted to you. Once on solid ground, you can explore the park, get to know it in depth and marvel at its ravines, which form a gigantic caldera of some 17 km in diameter on which the Pico del Teide sits. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to observe its fauna, which is as special as the park itself, as most of the insects you’ll find there are not to be seen anywhere else.

If this is not enough for you, you can add a touch of extra adrenaline to this incredible adventure thanks to the wide range of outdoor activities that RocRoi has on the islands.



If you feel like a fish out of water, and what you are really interested in is enjoying the sea, in the archipelago you can choose from a multitude of beaches where you can relax, take a dip or stroll along the shore. In addition, you have the opportunity to complete your experience with one of our adventure activities, as we have up to four centres located on different islands, such as Lanzarote, El Hierro, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Take advantage of the stunning subtropical climate that is present all year round and dive into the crystal clear waters of beaches such as Playa de las Canteras on an exciting guided open kayak and snorkelling tour, where you can discover the seabed. Or, if you prefer, you can take up paddle surfing on the beaches of Lanzarote such as Playa Flamingo or Playa Blanca.



Vegueta, located in the south of the capital of Gran Canaria, is home to five centuries of history that you can’t miss. Among its cobblestone streets you can find buildings as embl√©maticos as the Cathedral of Santa Ana, built by several generations. It is the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view of the old quarter if you have the opportunity to go up to its upper deck. In turn, in the Plaza de Santa Ana, where the cathedral is located, is one of the island’s greatest mysteries, as it has eight cast iron dogs whose origin is unknown.

The Casa de Colón, known for being the place where Christopher Columbus stayed during his stay on the island on his first voyage to America, is currently a museum dedicated to research and dissemination of the history of the Canary Islands and its relations with America. It is also known for being one of the most beautiful buildings in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Vegueta market, listed as one of the most beautiful markets in Europe, is the ideal place if you are looking for all kinds of food products, although what stands out is its wide range and variety of exotic fruits.



Gran Canaria, certified as a Starlight Destination by UNESCO, is classified as one of the best destinations for “star tourism” or “astro-tourism”. Thanks to the high quality of the sky and due to their privileged location, the islands will allow you to observe the sky like never before.

Gran Canaria has a large network of astronomical viewpoints from which to admire the night sky, but if you prefer to see it with the help of a telescope and a guide, luckily there are also three observatories:

– The Temisas Astronomical Observatory, located in the municipality of Ag√ľimes, offers a privileged view of the southeast of the island.
– The Roque Saucillo Astronomy Centre, located in the town centre of Vega de San Mateo.
– The Tasartico Astronomical Observatory, in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicol√°s.


This is just a recommendation of what not to miss on your visit to the islands, but without a doubt, the range of possibilities offered by the Canary Islands is incredible.

We have put the honey on your lips, now all you have to do is take the plunge and book your stay as soon as possible!