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RocRoi is us, RocRoi is you

RocRoi is made up of a team of environmentally aware professionals, passionate about nature and adventure sports. Always looking forward to new challenges and involved in creating a better world.

We are all driven by the same values. We try to find ourselves in the most natural environments and we know that this is a vital process for the progress and growth of a human culture, respectful and healthy for the environment.

From its beginnings to the present day, RocRoi has taken care of the natural environment where the activities are carried out. This has made us a company committed to all actions in defence of the natural environment.

We know the risk that the planet is running and we also know that it is necessary to have strategies, values and conviction to face this acceleration.

For years we have been facing climate change, which is advancing faster every day and which must be tackled with local measures coordinated between the different agents that interact within a specific environment. However, we must bear in mind that the emergency is not only climatic, but also affects many other aspects of our daily lives such as inequalities, asymmetries, and others… what we could summarise as social responsibility.

When we talk about sustainability, we are not only thinking about the environment, but we are talking about sustainability in all aspects of our lives and this is where we, RocRoi, want to do our bit and where our participation and that of all our partners makes sense.

Every action and every circumstance is aimed at reducing this social and environmental pressure that is gradually destroying our beloved environment.

We support these values and initiatives:

We promote a sustainable culture among our stakeholders.

We create quality local employment.

We disseminate campaigns that respect the preservation of cultural heritage.

We create synergies with local aquariums that help protect the marine environment and endangered species.

We fund projects and/or collaborate with foundations working for gender equality.

We support projects that create public facilities for the good of our residents.

We are publicly committed to local heritage conservation initiatives.

Organizar programas de recogida de residuos y plásticos en todos los espacios naturales donde se encuentran nuestros centros.

We respect and disseminate regulations related to the protection of water ecosystems.

We implement the use of more efficient technologies throughout our value chain.

We have alliances with partners who carry out sustainable actions.

We have a company quality protocol.

We are replacing conventional energy installations with renewable energies.

We participate in integration programmes aimed at people at risk of social exclusion.

We provide instructions for employees and customers to prevent forest fires.

We share sustainable experiences with other companies.

We have grown as a company, and also in knowledge and awareness

RocRoi is certified by Biosphere

Which Natural Park or Biosphere Reserve do you want to go to today?


  1. ODS

Sustainable development goals set out in the 2030 agenda. Define strategies and actions to redefine our sustainability plan linking the short, medium and long term.



To work in accordance with the values that we defend and that have accompanied us all these years, such as: respect, humility, sustainability, cooperation and professional ethics, coordinated with new business concepts such as B Corp and Nature Positive.


To develop outdoor activities that meet the standards of quality and social and environmental sustainability proposed by the EC in accordance with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the different areas in which we operate.


To create, participate and promote initiatives that help to maintain, restore or improve our natural environment so that we can continue to enjoy the nature that surrounds us in each of our activities.


To ensure initiatives that become a frame of reference in the inclusion of people with functional diversity and help us to build spaces and activities for all.


Guarantee and ensure gender equality within our organisation and our partners, designing an equality plan that does not discriminate for any reason against any of the people who work with us or our users.


To implement integrated management of all the resources we use on a daily basis (electricity, water…) and to economise their use both in our centres and in those of our partners, thus guaranteeing a more sustainable use, while at the same time implementing the use of renewable energies in all our activity bases, significantly reducing the most polluting energies.


To promote and transmit healthy lifestyle habits using our outdoor activities as a link between sport and health, showing the benefits of sport in the different stages of our lives and promoting a diet based on organic products from Km 0.


To develop methods and create knowledge that will help us to improve the impact of our activities on the natural environment in order to correct any negative impact we may produce, thus becoming a reference and active agent in the transition to regenerative tourism.


Establish corporate links between other organisations and companies to join efforts in implementing actions linked to sustainability and social responsibility.


Join us in our actions and proposals to make the world more sustainable.