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NEW ACTIVITY! Yoga and SUP Yoga on the beach

At RocRoi Vilanova and Geltrú we launch a new activity: Yoga and SUP Yoga on the beach. Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or not, these sessions will adapt to all kinds of people who want to debut or continue with their usual practice, but in an environment as beautiful as the beach.

SUP Yoga in the sea

The Yoga and SUP Yoga activity on the beach will be released on July 1 by our instructor Helen. She will make a first contact with each of you to know what level and motivations you have to carry out the sessions.

We will start the Yoga and SUP Yoga sessions on the beach and in the water, with the sunrise and sunset from 7:30 in the morning that we will have the first session until 9:00 pm, which is the end time of the last session of the day .

The sessions are designed for people who want to introduce this practice in their day to day this summer, that is why you can buy packs of one weekly session per month or packs of two weekly sessions per month. But for the most indecisive or with little time to dedicate, there is the option of acquiring a single session. Finally, for people who choose the monthly packs, they can choose an extra session when they prefer.

Yoga on the beach

To book the Yoga and SUP Yoga sessions on the beach, you must buy your pack or session as indicated here and, later, request days and hours by writing to RocRoi Vilanova ( or by calling 938 16 03 51. For health reasons, it is essential to carry out this last step, since the groups will have limited attendance places.

The Yoga and SUP Yoga modality on the beach that can be practiced during these sessions from July to September will be Hatha Yoga although we will also dedicate some sessions to practice other styles such as Yin Yoga, Vinyasa or Kundalini. We will also dedicate some sessions to meditation and conscious breathing to focus on ourselves and connect with our bodies. In this way, we will be able to isolate ourselves from the stress that surrounds us and focus on our well-being. We can assure you that the routine practice of these activities will provide you emotional stability and also the physical improvement of your body due to the high level of core and full body work in general.

Now it only remains to sign up for the new Yoga and SUP Yoga activity on the beach and have a great time this summer relaxing in a natural setting as beautiful as the Ribes Roges beach in Vilanova y la Geltrú.

We are waiting for you from July 1st!