Yoga and SUP Yoga in the beach

Next July 1st we will premiere the yoga sessions on the beach and SUP yoga in the sea with our instructor Helen in our RocRoi Vilanova center.

This does not mean that we can open the nautical activity center with "normal", but we can start practicing yoga outdoors! ⁣⁣ We will start the yoga and SUP yoga sessions on the beach and in the water, with the sunrise and sunset.


The safety distances between us must be respected, but we can practice yoga together, sharing energy and disconnecting in a unique spot such as Vilanova beach.

Hatha yoga in the beach

Yoga is a thousand-year-old discipline from India. Its great teachers traveled to the West to transmit knowledge, but the passage of time and the way in which the human being has evolved in the world, have often turned it into a practice of a sporting nature, neglecting its most spiritual aspect.

From RocRoi, aware of this and in response to the growing demand that has been produced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to expand the range of proposals and take advantage of the unique environment such as the beach and the sea, to offer you practical guided Hatha Yoga in the beach.

The practice of Yoga allows us to return to our center, forget for a moment the loads that we accumulate and reconnect with ourselves in a conscious way. To get here, we propose some practices that include different aspects: from the most basic, such as the performance of asanas (postures), to others that are perhaps even more important, such as conscious breathing or meditation.

The Yoga modality that we propose for these practices is mainly Hatha Yoga, although we will also dedicate some sessions to practice other styles such as Yin Yoga, Vinyasa or Kundalini.

Yoga puts at our disposal an unlimited number of tools that we will be practicing as the course progresses, a course that we can model based on the needs of the group, the calendar and the inclement weather!

We will adapt to everything, like water. You can sign up for classes sporadically or give continuity by attending in addition to a weekly practice.


SUP yoga in the sea

The practice of Yoga brings us great benefits, that's why there are more and more people who are seduced by this ancient discipline. SUP Yoga in the sea offers you the possibility of practicing Yoga on a Paddle Surf board.

This sport gives us a new perspective, since it requires a higher level of attention and concentration and a lot of core and core work to find stability and balance in this new medium.

Whether you are a regular Yoga practitioner, or if you have never put yourself on a mat, we suggest you get out of the routine and enjoy with us a unique SUP Yoga experience in a natural setting as spectacular as the sea.

The combination of physical practice and a great exercise of concentration will lead you, at the end of the session, to a state of peace and well-being.


We will start the session on the beach with a short introduction on how the activity will take place, the material used and its correct use. Next, we will do a brief warm-up.

Once in the water, we will row as a group to where the mooring is planned. We will place the tables following the instructions of our instructor Helen and we will start the SUP Yoga practice. At the end of the class, we will do a brief relaxation and paddle back to the beach.

As in the Yoga sessions on the beach, we will mainly practice the Hatha Yoga modality, although we will also dedicate some sessions to practice other styles such as Yin Yoga, Vinyasa or Kundalini.

Hatha Yoga comprises a wide range of practices in itself: conscious breathing, for example, is one of them. In each session we will dedicate a few minutes. Meditation will also take place in the sessions, and some of them can be dedicated exclusively to meditation. You can sign up for classes sporadically or give continuity by attending in addition to a weekly practice.


*For tailor-made schedules or groups, check availability of different schedules at or by calling 938 16 03 51.


 The activity starts on time, we recommend you arrive 10 minutes in advance and thus be able to prepare the material for each session (paddle or paddle surf board in the water).

 For hygiene reasons, the user must bring their own mat to practice yoga. If you do not have it, it can be rented at the time of booking. 

 For SUP yoga all materials are included (paddle surf board and other materials), although if someone wants to bring their own paddle surf board there is no problem, as long as RocRoi is exempt from any damage that your board may suffer

 It is essential to confirm the place once paid online and contact RocRoi Vilanova ( or calling to 938 16 03 51 to reserve a specific day and time. For preventive health reasons, sessions will have limited places

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