The best destinations for sea sports

If you love sea sports, and enjoy the sun, the air and the adrenaline that these activities produce, you will surely want to know which are the best places to practice them.

In the following post we will tell you about the best destinations for sea sports.


First destination: Barcelona


Barcelona is located in the top ten of the best places in the world to practice sea sports. Barcelona is one of the most popular areas for sea sports for sea sports enthusiasts.

There you will find numerous beaches where you can practice sea sports such as:

One of the most outstanding beaches in Barcelona is Nova Mar Bella, with crystal clear water and a pleasant wind, it has positioned itself as one of the best destinations for sea sports.



Second destination: Torrassa Lake


The Torrassa Lake is located in the province of Lérida – La Guingueta d’Àneu. There you can practice activities such as canoeing, kayaking and big sup.

These water activities are very suitable for relaxation and can be enjoyed in the waters of this mountain lake, either in the company of friends or family. It is a pleasant way of sharing nature and physical activity in a very enjoyable way.

Canoeing: This activity is carried out in a boat open at the top, which can accommodate two adults and a child. It is a stable and easy to handle sailing option.

The kayak: This is a more sporty boat than the canoe, and is available for one or two people. In terms of balance it can be more unstable, but not so unstable that it tips over.

Big Sup: This is a giant board that can hold up to 10 people, in addition to which these 10 passengers must start paddling together.

ROCROI La Torrassa 5




The river Noguera Pallaresa, with its white waters, is considered one of the most impressive rivers in the south of Europe and is ideal for activities such as rafting.

Rafting in Rocroi is one of the most exciting and fun activities that allow you to enjoy white water.

This activity can be done in different stretches of the river, you can choose short stretches, which are more economical, or long stretches of up to 52 km, for which the whole day is required, making stops to feed the group. It is also an adventure activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, including children.

Kayaking, open kayaking and hydrospeed are also available.








Sailing: Both islanders and tourists have the beautiful sea of the island’s beaches at their disposal. It is very suitable for those who wish to acquire nautical knowledge, as they can take part in the sailing courses offered on the island.


Jet skiing: A recreational activity that allows you to enjoy speed and adrenaline on the waves. In Gran Canarias there are many offers of excursions on jet skis, which are undoubtedly very popular and enjoyed by users.


Canoeing: Kayaking is a very appropriate sport to enjoy in the company of friends or family, allowing you to adapt to different types of waves.


Flyboarding: This is an option that offers a lot of excitement and fun. It consists of soaring up to fly on a board propelled by pressurised water jets, adjusted to the feet, while trying to perform various pirouettes or turns.


Windsurfing: Also known as windsurfing or sailboarding, it requires great concentration, strength and balance to master the wind and the waves. It is a sport that originated in the United States, but is widely practised in Spain.Windsurfing consists of sailing with a board similar to surfing, but equipped with a sail, which allows you to move through the waves of the sea.


Surfing: It consists of gliding and surfing waves standing on a board. It requires great balance, endurance and a lot of technical skills.


Paddle Surfing: Also known as stand up paddle surfing, this is a sport where the surfer must stand on a board and paddle to glide across the water. It is a much calmer practice than others of its kind, but still requires concentration and balance.


It is a great way to exercise your arm muscles, relax and release stress by enjoying the sea, and can be done in close proximity to other people to share the experience.


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Fourth destination: Gran Canarias


Another excellent destination for the practice of sea sports is Gran Canarias, thanks to its privileged climate it is an ideal place for the practice of this type of activities, which can be practised almost all year round.

In addition, choosing a hotel in Gran Canaria is the best option, as Gran Canaria has great accommodation options, high quality hotels with all the services included, located in privileged places with beautiful landscapes, where various recreational and sporting activities are offered.


Other excellent destinations for sea sports


Other very appropriate places in Spain to practice this type of sea sports, thanks to its excellent coastal conditions and a good sea breeze, are: The Canary Islands, the Region of Murcia, Catalonia and Andalusia.

If we refer to the best destinations for sea sports worldwide, we can cite the following:

1. Sydney, Australia: With Manly Beach, which is 2 km long. With a spectacular atmosphere of turquoise blue water and soft golden sand, it is a point of reference for professional surfers, with waves up to 5 metres high.

2. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: It is an archipelago with a very beautiful ecosystem, preferred by diving lovers.

3. Barcelona, Spain: As we have already mentioned, it is in the top 10 of the best destinations for this type of sport.

4. Auckland, New Zealand: It is considered an excellent place for the practice of extreme sea sports, such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, due to its huge waves.

5. Miami, United States: The Everglade area is considered the most tropical in the United States. Here you can practice kayaking and paddle surfing, and you can also go kayaking and then camp in the company of a warm campfire.

6. Vancouver, Canada: Considered among the best destinations for sea sports, particularly cold water diving. The most popular diving spots are Deep Cove and Sunshine Coast. There you can enjoy red coral, giant octopus, wolf eels and sunken ships.

7. Kackar, Turkey: This is another of the best places for extreme sea sports thanks to the Coruh River. It has a very fast and agitated current, and it is very popular for rafting.

8. Paros, Greece: It is a very suitable place for windsurfing, so much so that the World Windsurfing Cup has been held there on several occasions.

Make the most of the sea sports destinations you have chosen from the ones we have shown you, always have an instructor or a rescuer to help you in case of emergency, and live as if it were your last day!