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Discover 5 Sports for the Family to Play and Get in Shape This Winter

Hello, intrepid winter thrill seekers!

At RocRoi, we have prepared five sports that will not only keep you fit but also guarantee family fun.

Our mission is to make every activity an unforgettable experience, so get ready for a season full of laughter and adventure.

1. Snowmobile Tours: Roaring Engines in the Snow!

Ready to combine the power of the engine with the majesty of nature? Our snowmobile tours are the key.

From 80 year old grandparents to 5 year olds, everyone is welcome. Rent a snowmobile by exploring our website and discover exciting routes.

All you need is warm clothes, goggles and a lot of enthusiasm.

¡Te prometemos una aventura con esquís sobre ruedas que será el tema de conversación durante mucho tiempo! 

2. Mushing: Glide on a Magic Dog Sled Ride!

If you love nature and are looking for unforgettable moments, mushing is for you. Imagine the wind caressing your face as you ride on a dog sled.

It’s one of our most popular activities, and we want you to discover it too and tell us about your unique experience!

3. Snowshoeing: Explore Winter Beauty at Your Own Pace

Immerse yourself in the forest, listen to the magical sound of the snow through the leaves and admire the snow-capped peaks. Snowshoeing allows you to enjoy nature at your own pace, whether it’s a guided hike or exploring marked routes.

Perfect to enjoy with family, friends or even work colleagues.

4. Night Experiences: Magic and Adventure Under the Moonlight

Imagine snow, darkness and moonlight illuminating the mountains. Night experiences add a magical touch to activities such as mushing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

The night intensifies the adventure and adrenaline, creating memories you’ll want to recount again and again.

5. Skiing lessons: Glide and learn a lot!

Imagine gliding smoothly down the snow-covered slopes, the fresh alpine air caressing your face and that incomparable feeling of freedom that only skiing can offer. Now, visualise having an experienced instructor by your side, ready to guide you step by step on this exciting journey.

In ski lessons, you will not only learn the proper sliding, braking and turning techniques, but you will also discover how to overcome the challenges that the mountain can present. Our expert instructors will adapt to your skill level, giving you the confidence to conquer the slopes in style and safety.

Other fun activities in the snow for the whole family: