Mejores rutas en kayak en España: desde playas paradisiacas 🏝️ hasta aguas bravas 💦 ¡Reserva ya! ➤


Sure, you’re looking at all the different options. You know you want to enjoy quality outdoor activities with your loved ones, and of course, it must go well. Well, at this point let us give you 9 + 1 reasons why we are different and why you should stop looking now:

#1 Because we’ve been in this for 30+ years; meaning, you’re not taking any chances.

It turns out that we were the first to practice and promote active tourism in the Pyrenees, to the point of turning it into a lifestyle. We started over 30 years ago and today, in the middle of 2021 and despite the pandemic, we are a world reference (yes, do keep reading, we will (explain, share how) below) in the outdoor sector of quality adventure activities.

#2 We’re restless and we love going outdoors

Nepal, Turkey, China, Zambezi, Morocco, Latin America … at RocRoi we have carried out international expeditions from the beginning, always looking for adventure to turn our product into something better. This is the way, for example, our base next to the Glacier National Park in Argentina came to be, or how we developed our interest in organizing the Canoeing World Cup in 2001 (successfully!).

#3 We’re sustainable and we can prove it

RocRoi has the Biosphere Sustainable Active Tourism certification. Furthermore; We were the first outdoor adventure experiences company in Lleida to get it. We received it because we are committed to working under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 agenda by the United Nations.

#4 All our centers are in… Oh!

That oh! it is an indication of how much we love the environments we have chosen to offer quality active tourism. In the Alto Pirineo Natural Park, both next to a river and on the shores of a lake; on the beach of Vilanova i la Geltrú and in Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in southern Europe. Can you think of better places to enjoy outdoor adventure?

#5 We serve you, however you are and whoever you come with

Don’t get us wrong: We mean we have the infrastructure, equipment and a team to bring groups to have a great time. In fact, we are not wrong when we tell you that a large part of our clients are companies and schools looking for team building activities.

#6 Our staff is sooooo much more than that

All the professionals (Every. Single. One.) who run activities in our centers are qualified. In fact, most of them teach in the sport federations on which the activity they lead is based, as well as in official bodies. It all sounds quite boring but keep this in mind: Besides being tremendously professional, they are also fun. A safe value, come on.

#7 Quality runs on us

We have already told you about the natural environments in which our centers are located, about our experience and the safe value of our expert guides. And we are missing one thing, which is also very important: the equipment. Can you imagine enjoying an incredible activity and suddenly the equipment would fail? With us, that’ll never happen: Top brands and equipment, renewed every year. Equipment, in addition, that we distribute from

#8 We serve clients and groups all over the world

We are mainly located in Spain, although we also have a base in Argentina (next to the Glacier National Park) and Greenland (in Disco Bay). And in every case we work with groups from all over the face of the Earth: Germans, Russians, English, Americans, French, Italians … We speak all languages, and we know how to make international clients feel at ease.

#9 Because we customize our activities if you ask us

We’re not fans of catalogs. We have them, because we must have them, but we prefer when large groups tell us that you’d rather do an activity this way or another, and we bring it to reality. Would you prefer to start at another time? Or a different day? Do we need special conditions for someone? Ask us, we’re all ears.

#10 Extra: why book from this website?

We bid you farewell with the reason why we fervently advise you that, if you like any of our activities, you book them only from this website. Do not go anywhere else, since the “external” sales we make are not subject to change of any kind and procedures are quite slow. Book directly with us, and everything is solved.

So, do you dare?

If we have convinced you, you only have to choose a center and once there, your activity. Here are the four that we have told you about:


Center in the heart of the Pyrenees, ideal for activities on the river. Nature in its purest form.

Lago de la Torrassa

A few kilometers from here, to enjoy other kinds of activities…this time in calm waters.

Vilanova i la Geltrú

Activities on the beach of Vilanova and all its marine environment. Because we also love the sea!


To truly enjoy the snow in this grand ski resort in Andorra. The best!

What’s next? The first contact

Write us if you have any questions or want more information about us.