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RocRoi reopens all its activity centers from July 1st under the essential preventive sanitary measures indicated by the competent authorities so that all customers can practice adventure activities under maximum safety against Covid-19

RocRoi has collected all these measures in its own protocol that has been validated by the General Secretariat of Sport. Everything is designed so that all customers can practice adventure activities with maximum safety.

First, we will explain the general sanitary measures applicable to all activity centers:

mascarilla   ✔ It is advisable that all clients wear their own mask, gloves, spare shirt and swimsuit to carry out in any of the adventure activities that RocRoi offers.

 Customer service will always have to be done with a mask and never more than 3 people inside the centers' receptions, always keeping the physical distance between them.

liquido ✔ Disinfectant liquid hand dispensers in all center's receptions.

 Upon arrival at the center, all clients will receive a brief explanation of the health and safety measures to follow to carry out the activities and will receive a document of compliance.

  • The health measures that RocRoi will take to deal with the coronavirus in terms of customers are:

 It will be necessary for all customers to follow the health regulations of the centers indicated in the document previously specified; and that they are responsible for not having suffered any symptoms in the last 15 days.

temperatura ✔ It is advidable to do temperature controls to all customers upon arrival at the activity center.

 In the event that a customer exceeds the temperature of 37.5º, the corresponding sanitary protocol will be followed and they will be advised to visit the nearest medical center urgently..

 Customers are advised not to wear watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings as they can break gloves and retain the virus.

  • Regarding the rental of material to any of our centers, all the material will be for exclusive use and will always be disinfected before and after use by another customer.

  • In the case of the use of changing rooms and showers in activity centers:

 Obligatory use of own flip flops by the client.

 It is recommended to use the changing rooms only to change clothes, the client should shower at his home / hotel / apartment.

 The use of dryers will not be allowed.

 The dressing room will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of 6 times a day.



What will be the sanitary protocol in case someone suffers from infection symptoms?

In the event that a person exceeds the temperature of 37.5º at the time the temperature is taken, the protocol to follow will be as follows:

  1. A mask and insulation will be provided until the transfer to his home.
  2. Contact to the nearest medical center.
  3. Disinfection of the facilities and material with which that person has been in contact.


Security is our priority

At RocRoi we care about the safety of our customers. That's why during the quarantine we have been working hard preparing these measures so that everyone feels comfortable and safe practicing sports and adventure activities with us.

The application of the measures mentioned above will be guaranteed. In addition, others internally applicable to workers and to the cleaning and disinfection of all our centers.

We are waiting for you this summer, make your reservation now on!

⚠️ This information will be adapted to the different stages of the de-scaling in accordance with the sanitary measures recommended by the competent authorities.

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