RocRoi archives the Biosphere Certification for sustainable tourism

RocRoi has achieved the Biosphere certification for sustainable active tourism in the Lleida Pyrenees. In this way, it has become the first Spanish company with experience centers in the river, sea, snow and lake to achieve Biosphere certification.

This certificate gives RocRoi the recognition of a job well done over the years and commits the company to living a sustainable lifestyle in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda..

The 17 SDGs are made up of 70 actions that companies commit to carry out. Among them we find, for example, helping to end poverty in the world; promote gender equality inside and outside the company; promote local consumption and the circular economy; help the preservation of marine fauna and flora; implement sustainable resources in the management processes of the company’s activity; or technological innovation in the company.

The Biosphere certification for sustainable active tourism is internationally recognized and also signifies a new tourism model committed to sustainable tourism. In this way, RocRoi becomes one of the Biosphere destinations committed to guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the areas of fight against climate, environmental, cultural, social and economic change, through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



RocRoi has become the first company in spain with experience centers in the four water states to obtain the biosphere certification

Thanks to the experience of more than 25 years of work in the active tourism sector and the effort to improve year after year, RocRoi has achieved the Biosphere certification for sustainable tourism with satisfaction.

Some of the data to highlight in our certification are the promotion of hiring people residing in the area to enrich our community; we collaborate with local companies to boost the local economy; We are within several SME associations to share knowledge about the activity of our sector and improve at a technological level. And many other initiatives that we promote day after day to help achieve the 17 United Nations SDGs.

Once at this point, RocRoi is committed to continue working hard day after day so that active tourism in the area is increasingly sustainable and committed to human values such as responsibility, respect and tolerance.

What actions can you do to start living a sustainable lifestyle?

If you want to share with us the love for the planet and transmit a sustainable lifestyle to your children, when you come to enjoy any activity with RocRoi you will already be doing it.

Still we want to give you some tips to start living a sustainable lifestyle with us. Every time you come to one of our experience centers, do not waste water, use the necessary water and always close the taps well. You should know that we use taps with filters that help to save water significantly. Always turn off the lights in the changing rooms or toilets every time you use them. Always recycle everything you can, at RocRoi we put at your disposal recycling bins for containers, glass, paper and organic. Respect the local culture and nature: each of our experience centers is located in protected natural spaces, we must respect their customs, the local flora and fauna (think that in all our centers we find protected species both in the Garraf Natural Park , as in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees or the Moretó forest in Andorra).

We hope that this summer you can enjoy your favorite experiences, always promoting sustainable and ecological active tourism, respecting the natural spaces through which you will pass and we hope that you will choose us to do so.

We are waiting for you this summer at any of our adventure experience centers!