Mejores rutas en kayak en España: desde playas paradisiacas 🏝️ hasta aguas bravas 💦 ¡Reserva ya! ➤


As we explained in the last post, at RocRoi we propose every year to invest in new material and renew equipment so that our clients leave as satisfied as possible.

Although this year, with the crisis, we could have given up making this investment, we believed that it was not a sufficient reason for not being able to enjoy material in perfect condition.

This time we have renewed the RocRoi catamarans in Vilanova y la Geltrú. These new catamarans are the ERPLAST Model L. The catamaran, due to its design, is an agile and fast boat that will give us great sensations. A highly recommended activity to feel the force of the sea and the wind.

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The capacity of each of them is 4 people counting the monitor and they are very light, which allows easy coordination of the occupants to handle it.

The activities that you can do with the catamaran are diverse: you can start in the world of catamaran with a christening for 1 hour with a monitor, you can rent the catamaran if you have already performed the christening and finally you can choose to do a guided tour with a guide to the beaches and coves in the area experiencing at a more technical level how to operate a catamaran.

If you want to learn how to handle a catamaran, your activity is the baptism, which begins with a brief technical explanation from the guide and then you will start the practice on the magnificent beaches and coves of the Garraf coast.


Finally, if you have already done the baptism, we recommend that you choose the guided excursion with a monitor to the beaches and coves of Garraf. You will enjoy the landscape, the sea, its fauna and flora and you will be able to navigate with the help of an expert guide in the activity. This activity will give you the opportunity to finish getting started in catamaran sailing and quickly learn small techniques to increase speed, reduce speed or turn.

Finally, if you have already done all the previous activities, then the next step to learn at your leisure is the catamaran rental. At RocRoi Vilanova we give you the opportunity to rent a catamaran for 1h, 2h or a whole day.

Now it’s time to choose your activity! Where will you start?

We wait for you at RocRoi Vilanova y la Geltrú !!