Mejores rutas en kayak en España: desde playas paradisiacas 🏝️ hasta aguas bravas 💦 ¡Reserva ya! ➤

Narrative of an outstanding evening



“As written on the reservation coupon, we arrived at 8:00 p.m. at the Rocroi yurt, on the Grandvalira station with an unpronounceable name: Grau Roig. The guides welcome us. They equip us with helmets; brief us during 5 minutes and we ride on the snowmobiles.

Here we go, the guide in front, on his snowmobile, us following him on our. The moon enlightens the path and the starry sky above our heads is magnificent. At the beginning, we drive quietly, the time to get used to the machines. Then we start to go faster, the speed makes us feel genuinely free. At night it’s so impressive, as we don’t really know where we go nor where we are. Fortunately, the guide adapts the speed and chooses the best ways to take according to our control of the vehicle. We cross the valley, on wide paths, and between pines. We stop for a group photo, change driver and here we go again!


Without realizing it, we’ve arrived on ski slopes! The path is easier and wider, we can drive faster. We go up and down on green, blue and red slopes, this is very funny!


After 30 minutes of driving, guides lead us up to a mountain chalet enlightened from everywhere and accessible only by ski slopes. They invite us to enter and leave with the snowmobiles. The named as restaurant Vodka Bar, inside is magnificent: made with stones and wood, candles everywhere, hand-made seats and wooden stools with fur. There’s even a wood fire and inside slippers. It is a cozy and friendly place.


Hardly arrived, we are already settled like real mountain-dwellers, in our Rocking Chairs, at the fireside, slippers on feet, savoring a delicious chicken soup.


Then we sit down to dinner; more and more delicious plates arrive on the table. The cooking is perfect, all the products are of very good quality and varied: oysters, quails, liver, salmon, guinea fowl… It is a royal diner, which, on top of that, is accompanied with awesome French wines. Two or three hours later, we top things off with cheese, dessert and coffee or herb tea.


Then, an impressively big snow groomer parks in front of the restaurant and calls us; it’s time to leave this charming place. We remove slippers, put on jackets and ride in the back of the Retrac. Settled in the warmth, on comfortable seats, we can admire the work of a man and his machine grooming the slope, so that we can ski tomorrow. We observe those ultra-sharp cogs, which are so impressive.

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The driver asks us where we are parked and drops us along the slope, very close to the car, it is perfect! We went back home feeling very fortunate, having spent an incredible evening. We recommend it one thousand times!

A very satisfied customer.”