RocRoi organised an environmental awareness day at Torrassa Lake, Alt Pirineu, on 21 September

From its beginnings until today, RocRoi has taken care of the natural environment where the activities are carried out. This has made it a company committed to all actions in defence of the environment, sustainability and awareness of climate change, which is advancing faster every day. 

RocRoi is committed to defining a project that addresses the 17 ODs with a clear objective: not to damage the natural environment, as this is where its activities make sense. This is demonstrated by the Biosphere Certified, accrediting dozens of good practices: 

  • Activities respectful of the natural heritage and local fauna. 
  • The use of new technologies to carry out more sustainable activities. 
  • More responsible and participatory management systems. 
  • The use of km0 products. 

In addition, the climate emergency also affects many other aspects of daily life such as inequalities, asymmetries, etc., which we could summarise as social responsibility. 

In order for the youngest children to grow up with conscious social responsibility and respect for the environment, RocRoi organised an environmental day for different schools at Torrassa Lake, where they played a very important role as they actively participated in all the activities linked to the natural environment and the surroundings. 

Collaboration with the Consell Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà and the Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu was also key, as they were closely linked to the awareness and preservation of the natural environment. 

The Guingueta Town Council and Zer Pallars Sobirà, among others, will be present. 

The aim of this day was to transmit values about the natural environment, sustainability and the environment to the pupils of these schools. We were carry it out with activities and awareness-raising talks and we were conclude the day with a clean-up of the environment closest to the lake using materials that RocRoi normally uses in its activities. 


  • PNAP (Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu)
  • CC. Pallars Sobirà
  • Ajuntament de la Guingueta 
  • Ajuntament d’Espot 
  • Zer Pallars Sobirà 
  • Escola d’Esterri