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Activities with children to do in Andorra at Christmas

Andorra is the ideal destination to spend some more than magical family Christmas parties. Do you want to know everything you can do in Andorra this Christmas?

As of December 23, trips to Andorra are allowed with prior accommodation reservation. It is not necessary to carry a PCR or previous antigen test.

Adventure activities in the snow with children

We invite you to start the day with one of our star activities at our snow activity center in Grau-Roig (Grandvalira), Andorra:

The construction of an authentic igloo so that you can get inside and take photos like a real Eskimo. Our monitors will explain how you should carry out the activity and will advise you in some moments but the activity is totally autonomous and ideal to do with the little ones in the family.



Then you can have fun with a mushing or dogsled outing. Get on the sled and let yourself be carried away by the friendliest dogs in Grandvalira. You can choose from a route of 2km to 10km. To give you an idea, 2km on a sunny day the time on the sled can be 8 minutes, while on a cold and snowy day, the dogs run like the wind and the route can be shortened up to 5 minutes. Each sled can fit from two adults to one adult and two children if one of them is small.



Next, we invite you to try the snowmobiles: the most adrenaline activity in the center. Drive a snowmobile in the Moretó forest in the heart of the Andorran Pyrenees. An adrenaline experience that you cannot miss.

Choose between 30 minutes, an hour, or two hours. The motorcycles are double and we also provide taxi services to take customers to the Piolet or Vodka Bar restaurants in Grau-Roig.

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Finally, you can also choose the snowshoe excursion. A guided excursion of two or five hours to the Pessons lake and back. A magical experience among the snowy mountains of Grandvalira.


These last three activities can also be done at night or even with a full moon. The experience that you must do at least once in your life to enjoy the mountain in its most beautiful state. In Andorra there is no night lockdown, therefore, you can carry out all these activities without worrying about the time.

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‘Christmas village’ in Andorra La Vella

Located right in front of the Pyrenées shopping center, the ‘Christmas village’ begins, which is distributed throughout the Plaza del Pueblo and runs through the streets of Andorra La Vella.

You will discover stalls, artisans from the country, lots of Christmas decorations, little soldiers from Santa Claus and his elves and, above all, a lot of illusion for Christmas.

Accompanied by musical performances, small floats and parades of elves and goblins that will prepare activities for the little ones.

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Panoramic ferris wheel in Andorra La Vella

The ferris wheel, installed in the middle of Meritxell Avenue, enjoys panoramic views of the entire city of Andorra La Vella. You can get on it until January 31. The price per adult is €7 and the price for children is €5.


Magical post office in Andorra La Vella

For all the children who want their letter to reach the three wise men on time, a magical post office has been installed in Andorra. The ‘menairons’ are the pages in charge of collecting the children’s letters so that no little one is left without delivering their letter.

The magical post office is located in Plaza Guillemó, from November 27 to January 5, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Christmas park in Andorra La Vella

You will find the Christmas Park in the middle of Carlemany Avenue and, in it, the children will find a spectacular Christmas tree in the form of an attraction and a little train to enjoy good times with the family. 

Santa’s arrival in Canillo

You cannot miss the arrival of Santa Claus on the night of December 24 in Canillo!

Santa Claus brings gifts to good children and his arrival is one of the most special moments of the year for the little ones.


Enjoy the living and non-living creatures that have been prepared throughout the country at this time. In Canillo you will find a very special one.

From RocRoi we make a call to individual responsibility and to be careful with all the preventive measures that the competent authorities advise us every day. Check the updated information on preventive measures for covid in Andorra at visitandorra.com.

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