5 winter activities to do with your family

In this post we will give you ideas of 5 winter activities to do with your family starting this weekend and if your municipality is in a mountainous area with snow.


Although our center in Andorra is still available to all our clients and working at half gas, here we will do a mix of very adventurous winter activities suitable for the whole family.

The first thing we must take into account is the adventurous attitude of each person in the family and launch ourselves to do one or another activity together.

The 5 winter activities to do with your family

1. Snowshoe ride

Ideal for all the people in your family regardless of age. The only impediment here is that it is possible that there are no snowshoes for children under 5 years old, but for the rest, it is an ideal activity to do all together. You will enjoy the snowy landscape, the forests and the rays of the sun between the branches and the mountains.

Alternative if Filomena has not come to visit you in your municipality: walks first thing in the morning when the sun rises or at sunset.


2. Make a snowman

These days we have seen this activity practiced in half of Spain and that is, making a snowman is the family activity par excellence when it snows.

The materials you will need are: two old buttons, a carrot, and a scarf.

Making a snowman is as easy as making two snowballs, a bigger one that will be the body, and a smaller one that will be the head, decorate it with the previously mentioned materials, and ready!

3. Build an Eskimo igloo

This activity is a bit more difficult than the previous one but if it suits you, it is a very fun experience for everyone. To build an authentic Eskimo igloo you must have a snow shovel and a lot of patience.

Another option is to come and do the activity that RocRoi is proposing to you in Andorra: the construction of an igloo advised by our monitors.


4. Mornings of snow sledding

Super fun! Grab your little ones, choose a steep enough ramp and go sledding! If you don’t have a sled, don’t worry, there are many options for making a makeshift snow sled:

Snow sled with a cardboard box: ideal for the little ones, easy to build and easy to brake at any time.

Plastic snow sled: This option is more slippery on snow and it is more difficult to find a piece of plastic that will fit your butt.

5. Board game afternoon

Most snow activities are best done in the morning with the sun and good weather and because the sun goes down very early in the afternoon. So in the afternoons, what better plan is there than playing board games with your family? No anger, yes. Although it is almost impossible (heh, heh). The board games that have triumphed these parties have been: Catan, Virus, Monopoli and Escape Rooms.