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Most popular activities


Rafting descent is one of the most exciting and fun activities that will allow you to discover the white waters in any river that is suitable for this discipline.

Summer rafting is ideal for families with children, when there is less water and the rapids are still fun. Rafting in spring becomes an activity full of excitement and adrenaline, ideal for groups of friends, families with teenagers or work colleagues.

No previous knowledge is necessary. You provide the desire and we provide all the technical equipment and our experienced guides to make your experience safe and fun in an incomparable environment.

Via Ferratas

Discover the excitement and adventure of via ferrata in Spain, a unique experience that combines climbing with the safety of an equipped route. From the majestic mountains of the Pyrenees to the impressive rock formations of the Sierra de Guara, Spain offers a diverse range of via ferratas for all levels.

These vertical routes take you through rock walls, suspension bridges and iron stairs, providing a unique perspective of the country’s natural beauty. Whether you are a beginner looking for an exciting introduction to climbing or an expert looking for new challenges, via ferratas in Spain offer an unforgettable experience.

Equipped with steel cables, steps and other safety features, via ferratas allow adventurers to explore mountainous terrain in an exciting and safe way. The feeling of overcoming vertical challenges while enjoying impressive landscapes makes via ferrata a popular option for adventure lovers in Spain.

Hot air balloon flight

Imagine a unique and captivating experience that takes you to the heights, where the world takes on a whole new perspective. Hot air balloon flights will allow you to see breathtaking landscapes from a perspective that few have ever experienced.

The adventure begins early in the morning (at sunrise), when the sky is still painted in shades of pale blue and pink. The team of experts meticulously prepare as the hot air balloon comes to life, majestically inflating as the hot air fills it.

The views are simply spectacular. From high above, you can take in the diverse topography of the land: rolling hills, green fields stretching to the horizon, meandering rivers and forests that look like a tapestry of vivid colours. On the horizon, the mountains rise majestically, creating a scene that looks like something out of a fairy tale.


Paragliding is a unique flying experience that allows you to feel the freedom and thrill of gliding like a bird. Suspended in the air, gliding gently over breathtaking landscapes, paragliding is an adventure that combines adrenaline with serenity.

In this activity, you’ll find yourself attached to a specially designed glider that will allow you to take off from a hill or a high platform. As the wind fills the sail, you will rise and begin to fly. The feeling of weightlessness and the panoramic view are simply spectacular.

Paragliding is suitable for all ages and experience levels. Flights can be thrilling or relaxing, depending on your preference. This activity often takes place in stunning natural surroundings, such as mountains, coastlines or open fields. This means that you will not only experience the thrill of flight, but also enjoy the beauty of nature from a unique perspective.

Paragliding is an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a sense of achievement.


Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practiced in the canyons or ravines of a river and is the preferred activity for nature lovers who seek to live a unique and enriching, in any location where this activity is feasible.

Canyoning is an adventure sport that is practised in the canyons or gullies of a river, and is the preferred activity for nature lovers who are looking for a unique and fulfilling experience.

It is an ideal water activity in summer, spring and autumn for families with children, when the currents are milder and the descents are still fun. An adventure sport that consists of walking, swimming, jumping, sliding down slides and rappelling down the various ravines in the area.

Here you will find several routes, depending on the level of difficulty you prefer and the area where you come to spend your holidays, making it an activity full of excitement and adrenaline, perfect for groups of friends, families or co-workers.

We have canyoning for all levels. Come wanting to have fun and we’ll take care of the rest. We will leave you all the necessary equipment and our experienced guides will accompany you in this experience to make it safe and fun.


Climbing is much more than a sport; it is a physical and mental challenge that takes you to new heights. Conquering a rock face is a unique experience that connects you with nature and yourself.

Each ascent is a vertical puzzle that you must solve. Your hands search for grips, your feet find support and your mind traces the perfect route. Concentration is total, and every movement is an achievement.

The view from the top is your reward, and the satisfaction of having surpassed your limits is incomparable.

Climbing is a sport that challenges you to be stronger, more agile and braver. It takes you to incredible places, from seaside cliffs to majestic mountains.

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