Gift Card Rocroi

There’s an anniversary coming up, a special day, Christmas,… whatever you want to celebrate, give your loved ones the best gift: shared time and unforgettable experiences. Offer RocRoi as a present in quick and easy way with our gift cards. 

For those In love with the sea, crazy about the snow, adrenaline seekers… activities for all tastes! And since we all want our gift to be perfect, we suggest that it is the lucky person who chooses which activity he or she likes best. You’ll hit it for sure!

It’s very easy: select the image you prefer, choose the amount you want to give, fill out the form, and whoever receives it will have a code to buy on our website. Great!

RocRoi gift cards are for single use only. You must spend the card for the total or higher value that the gift includes. The amount not spent will be lost if everything is not consumed in a single use.

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