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Winter Holidays on Snow with Latin Flavor in Andorra: Adventures Without Borders

RocRoi solidifies its position as a leader in water sports and now brings you the charm of snow in Andorra, a dream destination for those in Latin America and South America who wish to venture beyond their usual landscapes. From the crystal-clear waters of the Noguera Pallaresa River to the imposing Mediterranean in Vilanova and Geltrú, we invite you to immerse yourself in the pristine whiteness of Grau-Roig, Andorra.

Snow Adventure with a Latin Flavor


We strive to offer adventurous spirits the opportunity to explore spectacular landscapes and engage in thrilling activities. For the Latin American community, we promise an experience that combines a passion for adventure with awe for the natural beauty of the Pyrenees.


Snow Experiences that Transcend:

1. Mushing:

Imagine leading a team of huskies through a snowy landscape, an adventure that many have only dreamed of.

2. Snowmobiles:

Feel the cold wind and freedom as you navigate through the snow under the light of the full moon on a snowmobile .

3. Tubing:

Guaranteed laughter as you slide down the slopes on an inflatable donut, perfect for those seeking a touch of winter fun.


4. Snowshoe Excursions:

Discover the tranquility of the Andorran snowy forests on a snowshoeing excursion, an experience of connection with nature that will be a cherished memory.


5. Igloo Building:

Promote family bonding and creativity with this unique activity, creating shelters amidst a white landscape.

Why Do Latin Americans Choose RocRoi?


Trusted Experience: Over two decades creating safe and exciting adventures for all.

First-Class Equipment: Committed to quality and safety, perfect for newcomers to snow sports.

Experienced Guides: Trained staff who understand the adventure and warmth of our spirit.

Complete Facilities: From accommodation to food, everything is designed to make you feel at home.


Go and experience the adventure at RocRoi Grandvalira, Grau-Roig from December 1st!

We invite families, friends, and adventurers from Latin America to live premium adventure experiences in an environment that combines the challenge of nature with the excitement of discovery. Join us at RocRoi and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.