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New Traditions in the Snow: Exclusive Adventures for Expats at RocRoi Grandvalira

  RocRoi reaffirms itself as a leader in water sports in all its variants. From the serene flow of the Noguera Pallaresa River to the salty waves of the Mediterranean in Vilanova y Geltrú, to the snows of Grau-Roig, Andorra are the perfect setting for expats looking to immerse themselves in new traditions and adventures.  

Exploring Grau-Roig, Grandvalira (Andorra) from a Global Perspective

  At RocRoi, we are dedicated to providing expats with a passion for adventure activities the opportunity to connect with spectacular and unforgettable landscapes. We make sure that every member of the international community, regardless of age, finds their space to enjoy themselves in Grau-Roig, one of the jewels of Grandvalira. How to integrate through adventure? Through a selection of adventure activities in the snow, which go beyond conventional skiing. From mushing, which evokes the Nordic spirit, to modern tubing, artistic igloo building and peaceful snowshoeing, there is an experience for every taste and every culture.  

Snow Adventure options for the expat community:



  Lead a dog sledding team and ride the snowy trails, an idyllic way to explore the alpine surroundings.  


  Glide through the snow by moonlight, something that will remind you of the lights of distant cities.  


  Laugh and slide in tubing, an activity that brings big and small together in laughter and fun.  

Snowshoeing tours:

  Tread lightly on fresh snow and connect with nature in a way that only snowshoeing in Andorra allows.  

Igloo Building:

  Learn and teach how to build an igloo, a unique skill that symbolizes the spirit of collaboration and home.      

Why is RocRoi the choice for expats looking for adventure?

  – International Reliability: With over two decades of experience, we understand the safety and fun needs of our international community. – World Class Equipment: We offer annually updated equipment that meets international standards. – Cultural Guides: Our guides are experts not only in adventure, but in making expats feel part of Andorra’s history and culture. – Complex Services: From parking to showers and rest areas, we’ve thought of everything to make your adventure comfortable and make you feel at home away from home.   RocRoi Grandvalira, Grau-Roig awaits you from 1 December! Experience first-class adventures with us and discover an exceptional level of active and nature tourism. Perfect for forging new friendships and creating memories in your new home, find us on!