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Where to practice adventure activities in the snow different from skiing

RocRoi is the company specialized in water sports in all its states: fresh water in the Noguera Pallaresa river, salt water in the Mediterranean in Vilanova and Geltrú and snow in Grau-Roig, Andorra.

Sector Grau Roig, Grandvalira (Andorra)
Sector Grau Roig, Grandvalira (Andorra)

Exploring Grau-Roig, Grandvalira (Andorra)


In RocRoi we have focused on getting the user who practices adventure activities, do it while enjoying fantastic and unforgettable landscapes.

That is why we care that everyone can enjoy the landscapes of Grau-Roig, one of the most beautiful areas of the Grandvalira ski resort, practicing adventure activities in the snow other than skiing. For example: mushing, snowmobiling, tubbing, igloo construction, snowshoe excursions, etc.

Sector Grau-Roig, Grandvalira (Andorra)

Snow Adventure Options:


From today, there are only 74 days left for the ski season to begin and in this post we will show you all the options you have (in addition to skiing) and what each snow adventure activity consists of:




Mushing is one of our most popular activities, as it is suitable for all ages and you can enjoy the scenery a lot.

In this activity you will have two options to choose from: you can do the sled driving activity or you can choose to take a guided tour.

mushing, dog sledding Andorra - Grau Roig Grandvalira
Mushing – Andorra



Another of our adventure activities most chosen by our customers are snowmobiles. This activity is always carried out with a guide although it is the same customer who always drives the snowmobile.

One of the most beautiful and magical options of this activity is to be able to do it during full moon nights, in which the snow and the landscape become a real spectacle.

Snowmobiles Grau Roig with RocRoi
Snowmobiling in RocRoi



Tubing has recently become fashionable. It consists of going down the snow mounted on an inflatable giant donut. A hilarious option for all audiences!

Snow tubing Grandvalira
Tubing in RocRoi



Snowshoe excursions are ideal for observing and enjoying the snowy landscape of the Andorran Pyrenees. Our guides can tell you where the most photogenic points are to share with whom you want your experiences with RocRoi. In this activity you can rent the rackets or choose a guided tour.

Rental and guided snowshoe excursions in RocRoi
Rental and guided snowshoe excursions in RocRoi

Construction of igloos


The perfect activity to share with your kids! How to build an igloo in the middle of the mountain and how to do it. The photo of the end is not wasted.

Construction of igloos in the snow Grandvalira, Andorra RocRoi
Igloo construction in RocRoi

Do you already know where to come to practice snow adventure activities other than skiing? Remember: choose RocRoi Grandvalira, in the Grau-Roig sector, you will not regret it!

We are waiting for you from December 1!

Why Choose RocRoi for Your Adventures? 


  • Reliable Experience: With over 20 years in whitewater activities, we are your reliable choice for exciting adventures. 
  •  anoraks, vests, and more. 
  • Expert Guides: Our guides have extensive experience in outdoor activities, and we collaborate with educational centers to ensure their expertise. 
  • Comprehensive Services: Our bases offer everything you need for your comfort and safety, from exclusive parking to amenities, showers, and a bar area. 


We Look Forward to Welcoming You at RocRoi Grandvalira, Grau-Roig! 

Experience premium adventure with us and discover a new level of active tourism and nature with family or friends. See you at! 


Updated: 09/01/2024