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What to do near Madrid this weekend

At the weekend we like to escape and get out into nature, eager for adventures that awaken our senses and make us feel alive. Fortunately, in the vicinity of the Spanish capital, there are a variety of exciting adventure activities awaiting you this weekend. From the lands of Cuenca in Castilla-La Mancha to the imposing Sierra de Guadarrama and the clear skies of Segovia, there is always something to satisfy the adventurous spirit.  


Adventure and Natural Beauty in Cuenca  


Cuenca, located in Castilla-La Mancha, is a paradise for lovers of adventure activities, adrenaline and nature. With its breathtaking landscape of rugged canyons and rivers, it offers the perfect setting for a variety of exciting outdoor family activities. The Buendía reservoir is an ideal natural setting for a day of water activities. 

If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land but are still looking for an adrenaline rush, the via ferratas offer you the opportunity to climb vertical walls with safety equipment, offering unique views. 


Sierra de Guadarrama: Nature and Adventure at the Gates of Madrid  


For you, adventure enthusiast, just a few kilometres from Madrid lies the impressive Sierra de Guadarrama. A natural haven that provides the perfect backdrop for a day full of adventure.  

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the meandering trails and lush forests of the sierra. From gentle routes for beginners to technical trails for the more experienced, you’ll be able to find something to suit your level of skill and endurance. 

If you prefer walking, guided hiking trails offer the opportunity to explore the highest peaks and deepest valleys of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this stunning environment as you follow in the footsteps of ancient explorers.  

In winter, rent snowshoes and venture through snowy landscapes, enjoying the tranquillity and majesty of winter nature. With each crunching step, you’ll feel more connected to the natural environment around you.  

For a family adventure experience, there’s nothing like adventure parks – you’ll have fun whatever your age. Challenge your skills on zip lines, suspension bridges and obstacle courses as you enjoy the thrill of being suspended in the air. 


Explore the Skies on an Aerial Adventure in Segovia  


If you are looking for thrills at altitude, and adventure activities, Segovia is the perfect destination. The feeling of freedom as you take to the skies is like nothing else, feeling the wind as you enjoy panoramic views of the Spanish countryside.  

For the more daring, paragliding offers you the chance to take to the skies and soar like a bird over breathtaking landscapes. Feel the thrill as you glide gently through the air.  

If you prefer a more relaxed experience, hop into a light aircraft and enjoy a scenic flight over fields and mountains. With an experienced pilot at the controls, you can relax and enjoy the view without worrying about a thing.  


Whether you prefer to brave the waters of Cuenca, explore the mountain trails of the Sierra de Guadarrama or lift your spirits in the skies above Segovia, there is always an adventure activity waiting for you near Madrid at the weekend. So, get ready for an experience you’ll remember forever.