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Welcome to Pangea

This weekend, on Saturday, the largest travel store in the world opened in Barcelona. And, not to mention, at RocRoi we are delighted to be part of this project. There was just one store in Madrid, and now there will also be another PANGEA The Travel Store in Barcelona.


The trip begins the moment you start organizing it, with the excitement and expectation that this process generates. For this reason, in Pangea they believe in the importance of a perfect place to be inspired, have fun and, why not, book a trip. The consultants you will find at PANGEA are first and foremost travelers. And they will help you choose the travel experience that best suits your tastes, preferences and budget.

IMG-20180420-WA0012PANGEA The Travel Store is located in the old Club Coliseum in Barcelona, ​​and it has been remodeled into a modernized space of more than 1700 m². It is the largest travel store in the world, and it also wants to pay tribute to the previous activity of the building. That’s why the cinema screen has been maintained and travel contents will be shown. You can also find a specialized travel library (by Casa del Libro), where there will be a large selection of travel literature, guides, books for children, etc. There will also be a gastronomical space, La Colosal restaurant, with its modern and creative gastronomic proposal, based on tapas and dishes to share, and also cocktails.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-23 a les 13.06.07 The remodeling is impressive: there are awesome elements such as a hot air balloon or a slide. It’s so spectacular that it’s hard to imagine. So our recommendation is that if you talk a walk Barcelona city center, just get in!!!