Tips to Make the Most of a Hot Air Balloon Ride

UPDATED 24/01/2024



Nothing compares to the sensation of soaring slowly above the earth, the feeling of floating through the sky. Hot air balloon flights offer a unique and magical experience, allowing you to view breathtaking landscapes from above. To make sure you get the most out of this exciting group activity, here are some tips to help you enjoy every moment of your balloon ride.


Book in advance


Balloon rides are a popular activity, and places can sell out quickly. To secure your spot on this unique ride, book your balloon ride in advance and be sure to contact a reputable adventure company to ensure a good experience beyond the activity.



Camera at the ready


Capturing moments from above is an essential part of the experience. Make sure you bring a camera or your smartphone with enough storage space and battery. The panoramic views and changing colours of the sky will provide unique photo opportunities with friends and family that you’ll want to remember.



Follow the Pilot’s Instructions



Safety is the number one priority on a balloon ride. Pay attention to the pilot’s instructions before and during the flight. Learn about emergency procedures and follow directions during ascent and descent. This will ensure not only your safety but also a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


Wake up with the sun


Sunrise walks offer a magical light and atmosphere. The calmness of the morning and the soft colours of the sunrise create a calm and spectacular atmosphere. In addition, the atmosphere is more stable, providing a smoother flight.


Be Flexible with the Date


Weather conditions can significantly influence the scheduling of balloon rides. While operators will do their best to fly as planned, sometimes it is necessary to reschedule due to high winds or other adverse conditions. Stay flexible and you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the ride when it finally happens.

If you’re wondering what is the best time of year to fly in a hot air balloon, there is no one answer. There is controversy about the best time of year. Always bear in mind that ballooning needs weather stability regardless of the time of year.

Autumn and spring do not offer great stability, but on the other hand offer richer landscapes. On the other hand, winter, with its sunny days, offers a clearer sky, which will allow us to see further. In summer, in the late afternoon, you can enjoy the breeze after a hot day.

Whatever you decide, we offer flights all year round. But one thing is clear, it is always better to fly early in the morning, because the weather is more stable and it is not as windy.


Share the Experience


Sharing this unique adventure with friends will make it even more memorable. If you’re looking for a family activity, a hot air balloon ride will have the little ones discovering the world from a different perspective – they’ll be amazed! Most balloon baskets can hold several passengers, so come along and enjoy the breathtaking views from above.


In short, a hot air balloon ride is an experience beyond the ordinary. If you like to take to the skies, but prefer a more radical adventure, paragliding offers a similar experience but with an extra adrenaline rush. Either way, dare to take to the skies!