With this heat that is hitting this February, it is not surprising that in Easter we expect even more heat. In RocRoi we want to propose a plan that you can not miss: sailing baptism on the beaches of Garraf in Vilanova and Geltrú (Barcelona). Who signs up?

ROCROI Vilanova-vela 2 còpia

Our center of Vilanova y la Geltrú is the only center open all year round and is located on the Ribes Roges Beach. In RocRoi Vilanova you can practice sailing, kayaking, open kayaking, paddle surfing, rental of all kinds of adventure sports equipment at sea such as the pedal, even catamaran and windsurfing.

The sailing technique

Next, we will explain some of the sailing activities we do in our center of Vilanova so you can try this sport. You will definitely repeat!

Before going into the detail of our offer of boats, these are the three basic concepts for sailing in open water:

1. The wind: it is the key element for navigation. With practice, we learn to know where the wind comes from at all times. Knowing the wind we can reach our destination in the fastest and safest way, allowing us to trim the boat efficiently.

2. The position and posture: a fundamental aspect in any sport or daily activity. Through a good position, we will have a more stable and faster boat. A correct posture will allow us to navigate comfortably and avoid injuries.

3. Knowledge of the environment: we have a unique environment that is still very unknown. Water sports give us the opportunity to know our ancestral origins (we come from the sea) and open the door to greater environmental and ecological awareness, always taking care of our means to keep the coasts and the sea in good condition. Security being one of our pillars, knowledge of the environment is fundamental for us.


With these three concepts, we invite you to know some of the modalities of light sailing in which we specialize:

LUDIC: It is the ideal collective boat for initiation. The instructor navigates with up to 9 students. By offering greater stability, it facilitates the learning of propulsion and steering. Its open stern invites to a bath on warm days!

TOPAZ: It is the vessel where navigation begins without an instructor on board. They can go up to two adults or up to three children. It is a very resistant boat (plastic hull) and light.

CATAMARAN: Here we jump in speed and level. It is a boat for up to four adults, very fast and stable, but more complex maneuver. We use it in more advanced courses, working on concepts such as apparent wind, hanging from the trapeze and ‘adrizado’ without orza.

WINDSURF: The union between surfing and sailing. The basic principles are the same as in the traditional candle, but the balance becomes the protagonist. We have a privileged channel for windsurfing, with almost no wave most days.

ROCROI Vilanova-surf-4

Once the boat is chosen, what options do we have?

One or two hour excursion: This is the ideal option to try the sail, individually or as a family. An instructor accompanies you in a customized experience. You can enjoy seafaring stories, preservation of the environment, more technical introductions or simply feel the sliding of the ship to the sound of wind and waves.

Initiation course from eight to twenty hours: It consists of four or five sessions of two or three hours each. In them the material is prepared, we rig vessels and introduce technical concepts as we experience them. After this course, autonomy is usually acquired to complete an improvement course.

Training course from eight to twenty hours: It consists of four or five sessions of two or three hours each. If conditions permit, you navigate without an instructor (this follows you from a pneumatic). You can navigate with medium-strong winds, trapeze and dump.

Do not hesitate and come to our center of RocRoi Vilanova to practice sailing!