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Today, we are going to reveal some curiosities hidden in rivers, especially the river Noguera Pallaresa, so that you can discover its characteristics and the most fun activities you can do on it. Although it may seem that rivers hide no secrets for you, you will probably learn new things today.


1. International classification


In order to know its level of difficulty and, above all, to know whether a river is practicable or not, there is a classification system with international reference. This allows adventurers and sports travellers to know the technical difficulty of the river. The classification system ranges from level I, for the most accessible, to level Vl, for the most professional.


2. Levels according to flow rate


The flow of the river varies according to the seasons and weather conditions. Thus, during the spring and summer seasons, the river flows down more strongly thanks to the thawing of the snow. This can be easily seen in the Noguera Pallaresa river.

Another very important factor is the episodes of rain, as part of the water infiltrates through the deeper layers, until it recharges the aquifers. And these are responsible for increasing the water level in the rivers. In this way, a rise in water level makes the river easier to navigate, as it can remove obstacles such as rocks. With less water, the descent will require more technique.

It is therefore essential to find out the water level before embarking on a whitewater trip to avoid taking risks.


3. Use of resources


Hydroelectric power stations have a dual function in rivers: they are used to produce green energy and also regulate the water level, as for example in the case of the Torrassa reservoir. In this way, it guarantees that these recreational-sports competitions can be carried out in an optimal way, with safety and sustainability, both for these sports and for the territory.


How to venture out on the river?


There are a multitude of boats that you can find on a river, some of them are better known and others are a bit more difficult to find. At RocRoi we offer several types of experiences, so you can choose according to your preferences as each one has its own specificities.

One of the most popular and well-known experiences is: rafting! In fact, it is one of the easiest activities because you don’t go on your own, there is a guide who is in charge of directing the boat at all times, which allows you to enjoy the river in a more cooperative way.

Hydrospeed is another whitewater activity that is much more intense, as it involves swimming in the river on your own. It is the perfect activity if you want to test your fitness or if you want to challenge yourself.

And to finish this small list, there is kayaking, which requires more technique, as you need to have some knowledge about how to steer, how to move forward… But once you have learned a few things, you just have to enjoy the adrenaline of this activity.

We invite you to come and discover the Noguera Pallaresa at our base in Llavorsí, where you will be able to understand and feel first-hand the sensations of white water, whatever boat you choose. We are waiting for you!


Updated: 21/02/2024