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The secrets of Hydrospeed

What’s the Hydrospeed? Maybe this is the most frecquently question we receive by those who visit us and make some of the activities we offer in our center of Llavorsi, in the Pyrenees. The answer is simple, Hydrospeed is the best way of being in contact with the whitewaters of such a river like the Noguera Pallaresa and feeling its strength is your own skin.

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The idea of Hydrospeed is simple, consist on descending a white water river  ‘swimming’ and without having a very specific technique of navigation and environmental knowledge.

The material is very simple, a 5 mm neoprene vest with special protection in the legs and elbows, a flippers of Body Board, neoprene socks, saveguard jacket and helmet. With this material you have it all to enjoy the river.

While it is true that is not necessary a knowledge of the technique of navigation in white waters, because all groups are always leaded by skilled kayakers and specialized in guiding hydrospeed groups, is true that hydrospeed requires a minimal fisical condition and well swimming skills. To have used flippers before will help the control of the table to be faster and safe.

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Once equipped one of the most important parts of the activity is the briefing made by monitors. The briefing is focused on three main areas: security, navigation and group movements.

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The idea is navegate in a row following the instructor who goes the first  and following his/her trayectories that are normally suggested in order to avoid obstacles like stones, twigs, etc. If you follow the line proposed by the guide the drop will be the most amazing you haven’t done before in a white waters river. Another instructor will close the group to ensure no one is left behind and in function of the numbers of participants there can be 1 or 2 more guides so the group can be aligned and nobody loose the line.

Obviously there are several sections to adapt the difficulty to each one of the participants of the activity. Here we detail the different journeys we organize and who are they targeted:

ROCROI – MOLETA (3km) . Ideal for those who want to try the hydrospeed, this stretch  is a short baptisme that will gives you and idea of what is this activity about. Ideal for kids and also for those who want to try but definitely does not dare without knowing where is the trick.

YETI – MOLETA (4,5km). This stretch is thought to those who want to try the activity. The difference with the ROCROI – MOLETA is that here we will spend one of the faster and amazing of noguera Pallaresa, what will gives you a clear idea of how behaves an hydrospeed in a really fast river. The duration of this stretch will test your physics conditions to prove whether you are ready for a real hydrospeed or not.

ROCROI – LA ILLA (9km) . This is your ultimate Hydrospeed stretch if you really want to feel the sensations of the white waters. The first 3 km we will try the first 3 km in calm waters and afterwards during 6 km you will not leave the fast ones and the speed of the white waters. If you want pure addrenaline, this is your stretch.

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¿Why choosing ROCROI?

  • Our experience support us, we have more than 19 years making whitewaters activities in the Noguera Pallaresa and we started our love for the whitewaters more than 30 years ago and our center of Vilanova i la Geltrú is one of the reference beaches centers on the mediterranean coast.
  • Since 2008 we provide sea activities in the beaches of Vilanova i La Geltrú.
  • We have the best material for each activity and we renew the materials each year: neoprenes, anoraks, jackets, rowings, kayaks, helmets,… of the best brands, including RIVER PEOPLE STUFF that is an own brand with witch we design and make part of the material we use. You can see all the material in Rocroi Distribution.
  • All our guides have a large experience in outdoor activities and we collaborate with schools where they form in outdoor activities to become the best instructors.
  • We collaborate with centers of Spain, Andorra, France, Scotland y United States.
  • All our bases and instalations have services to guarantee the comfort and security of our users and companion: exclusive parking for clients,  toilets, showers, and much more.

TheNoguera Pallaresa is waiting for you. Don’t doubt and book your desdent on Hydrospeed with ROCROI ADVENTURE CENTER.

Here we show you in this video how we make this amazing activity (1 min):