The origin of snowmobiles and their topicality


Updated: 02/01/2024


Bombardier moto de nieve 1921


In the icy lands of Quebec, Canada, an innovation was born that would transform mobility in the snow. In the 1920s, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a prodigious 14-year-old, modified a Ford Model T by replacing its wheels with skis and adding an airplane propeller! This was the first snowmobile marking the beginning of a fascinating history that evolved into the high-powered machines we know today. 

What began as a practical solution for medical transportation in extreme winter conditions has transformed into an experience full of adrenaline and adventure. From mountain rescues to pure entertainment at ski resorts, snowmobiles have evolved to embrace nature and offer thrilling experiences. 

In the majestic ski resort of Grandvalira, specifically in the Grau Roig sector, lies a winter paradise filled with exciting options. From gastronomy to hundreds of kilometers of skiable slopes, Grau Roig offers a complete experience for snow enthusiasts. 

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Other snow activities to try this winter in Grau Roig, Grandvalira


But the winter fun in Grau Roig doesn’t stop at snowmobiling. RocRoi invites you to immerse yourself in experiences such as mushing or dog sledding, snowshoeing, and building authentic igloos. And for the bravest, Nordic adventures await you! 

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