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The 3 best canyoning activities in the Boí Valley

Descenso de barrancos en la Vall de Boí

With a stunning mountain setting and an abundance of crystal clear rivers and streams, this valley offers the perfect setting for canyoning. Located in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, adventure activities in the Vall de Boí with children has become one of the most popular destinations and has gained recognition as an ideal destination for canyoning enthusiasts.

In addition to canyoning, the Vall de Boí offers a wide range of outdoor activities to complement the adventurous experience. The Vall de Boí has also become a magnificent destination for rafting enthusiasts where you can discover the best rafting in Spain.


White River canyoning with the family

One of the great attractions of family canyoning in the Vall de Boí is the famous White River canyon, an exciting descent for beginners that promises fun for the whole family or friends. This canyon is full of crystal-clear pools of water that invite you to dive in, natural slides that will delight young and old alike, and jumps that will add a touch of excitement to the adventure. Enjoying nature in all its splendour while you run along the Río Blanco is a unique experience that will leave indelible memories in the minds of the participants.


Congosto de Obarra Ravine

For those who have already had a first encounter with canyoning and are looking for more excitement, the Congosto de Obarra canyon is the perfect choice. Classified as intermediate level, this canyon offers a thrilling aquatic course with options of 5 to 7 metre jumps (optional, of course) and natural rock slides that take the adrenaline to the next level. The scenery is simply breathtaking, with crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery. Congosto de Obarra will challenge and thrill adventurers, giving them an experience they will never forget.

Canyoning with the family in Congosto de Erta

Another option for adventure lovers is the Congosto de Erta canyon. With an intermediate level of difficulty, this activity takes place in an impressive limestone canyon, where nature has sculpted a series of pools, waterfalls, slides and jumps of 2 to 9 metres. Abseiling is also part of the experience, adding a technical and exciting touch to the descent. Congosto de Erta is a spectacular setting for canyoning and offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and exciting challenges.


The Vall de Boí is an unmissable destination for canyoning lovers looking for thrills in an idyllic setting. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, discover all the adventures to do in the Pyrenees with family as the canyons of the Rio Blanco, Congosto de Obarra and Congosto de Erta offer unique and exciting experiences for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced adventurers. Enjoying the perfect combination of nature, excitement and fun in this corner of the Catalan Pyrenees is an opportunity that no adventure lover will want to miss. And if you want more, discover the best canyoning activities in Spain.