THE SUP (Stand Up Paddle – Paddle Surf)

Paddle surf
Paddle surf

Summer is here and thats why you must try activities to fight against this sweltering heat. Today we are going to talk about paddle surf SUP (Stand up paddle) an excellent way to enjoy and have fun being in contact with the sea.

The translation of paddle surf is Ku He´e Nalu, that means, “stand up in a table”. The modern paddle surf was born in the ’60 in the beaches of Waikiki, where surf trainers used a paddle to move and accompany their students.

One of the most important characteristics of SUP is the paddle, because without it we’ll be speaking about surf and this is a different sport. Therefore, is important to know the height that is better for each one. When the wave is small, the paddle should be short, and if the waves are big the paddle should be longer, adjusting to the state of the sea and its waves.

One of the advantage of the SUP unlike the surf is that we can “surf” smaller waves because the tables are bigger. and, in contrast to surf we can also move by plane waters with the help of the paddle “without having waves”, this last version maybe is the most practicated because any sheet of water is suitable to row and walk over the water.

Rocroi, counts with ideal models of paddle surf to relax and enjoy paddling. The tables, are similar to the ones used at the initiation of windsurf but the paddles have just a spoon unlike the kayak.

We have the SUP PE 10′ model of Rotomod and the Super Natural and Super Charger models of Jackson kayaks.

Some of the SUP activities in RocRoi:

Vilanova i la Geltrú center:

SUP Rentals:

Free activity without instructor where yo can enjoy and learn as you want in a more relaxed way. You can rent for 1 or 2 hours.

SUP courses:

Live the experience of the sea accompained by a SUP proffesional who will help you to learn and improve the SUP technique. This initiation course has a duration of 2 hours.

Llac de la Torrassa center:

 SUP Rentals:

Free activity without instructor where yo can enjoy and learn as you want in a more relaxed way. You can rent for 1 hour.

¿Why choosing ROCROI?

  • Our experience support us, we have more than 19 years making whitewaters activities in the Noguera Pallaresa and we started our love for the whitewaters more than 30 years ago and our center of Vilanova i la Geltrú is one of the reference beaches centers on the mediterranean coast.
  • Since 2008 we provide sea activities in the beaches of Vilanova i La Geltrú.
  • We have the best material for each activity and we renew the materials each year: neoprenes, anoraks, jackets, rowings, kayaks, helmets,… of the best brands, including RIVER PEOPLE STUFF that is an own brand with witch we design and make part of the material we use. You can see all the material in Rocroi Distribution.
  • All our guides have a large experience in outdoor activities and we collaborate with schools where they form in outdoor activities to become the best instructors.
  • We collaborate with centers of Spain, Andorra, France, Scotland y United States.
  • All our bases and instalations have services to guarantee the comfort and security of our users and companion: exclusive parking for clients,  toilets, showers, and much more.