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 IMG_0224 « When we entered the yurt of Rocroi, we’ve been welcomed by a very pleasant lady. This one presented us to a guide, named Mario, who equipped us with adjusted snowshoes and sticks.

We chose a three hours stroll. Mario suggests to go to the bottom of the peak named Els Pessons that we can see up above. From here, it seems magnificent! We set off. Snowshoes are very practical; they allow us to walk in the deep snow without sinking.

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Very quickly, we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, in snowy woods. The silence is mesmerizing. When we do not speak, we only hear the noise of our steps and some heap of snow falling from branches.


In the course of the stroll, the guide shows us tracks, excrements and hairs hung on trees. We try to guess from which animal its comes from… Here, fox tracks, which are different when it walks and when it runs! There, easily recognizable tracks of hare because very irregular.

Then, Mario makes us discover these bushes, which change colour and shape according to the height. It can be very useful to know that! He shows us a pinecone stucked in a trunk; I think that it is a squirrel that putted it here in reserve, but no… He explains afterward that it is in fact a bird. It sticked it here to be able to peck at it so that it doesn’t move, because without hands it is true that it isn’t easy!


We arrive at the lake Els Pessons… The place is magnificent! We cross a collar and discover that there isn’t only one, but about ten! We follow them with caution, led by the guide, admiring the impressive summits that surround us. Still nobody surrounding: absolute quiet in the middle of mesmerizing landscapes.


We start to come down quietly by another path. This one is more opened on the valley and offers us a fantastic view. Mario gives us the names of the peaks that surround us: peak Blanco, peak Negro, Bony d’Envalira, and explains us the peculiarities of each.


Later, we perceive an Izard, which passes below with incredible speed. It lasted only a few seconds, but it is impressive to see the suppleness of this animal whatever is the ground.


The route comes to its end; we arrive at the yurt exactly on time, relaxed and happy. This stroll is a haven of peace, which, at the same time, taught us a lot about the mountain, the nature, flora and fauna. »


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