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Seven beaches in Catalonia to practice active tourism with your family

There are many spectacular beaches scattered throughout our territoryCatalonia. From the Costa Daurada to the Costa Brava passing through the Maresme. 

But not in all of them it is possible to practice active tourism such as kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, paddle surfing or motor boats. 


Àngel Panicello, our expert guide in maritime navigation knows the territory and the areas where you can practice nautical activities throughout Catalonia like the palm of his hand. 

He’d like to share with us a list of seven beaches in Catalonia where you can practice active tourism with your family in the summer (or all year round). 

1. La Punta beach (Roses – Cap de Creus) 

“On this beach the main feature is La Tramuntana, the typical wind of the Costa Brava. It blows intensely for many days of the year and this creates waves that make surfing or windsurfing easier. ” – Àngel points out. 

It is also possible to rent pedal skates and there is a playground for children. If you prefer to stay on the sand, you can also play beach volleyball on the nets that are already installed on the beach. 

 2. L’Estartit beach – Illes Medes 

Very close to the Montgrí Illes Medes i el Baix Ter Natural Park, one of the protected maritime areas of Catalonia, we can find this beach where you can enjoy the richness of the sea in its purest form. Scuba diving and snorkeling among the coral in the Illes Medes are some of the most popular activities in the area.   

Àngel explains one of his adventures in this area: “An experience that I will never forget was kayaking around the Illes Medes área, where I was able to contemplate the wild natural landscape that surrounds this protected maritime area.” 

3. Great beach in Palamós 

Palamós, one of the essential destinations if you travel to the Costa Brava, has wide beaches of fine sand ideal for practicing active tourism. 

“At the Great beach in Palamós you can rent a skateboard, go scuba diving, rent a kayak, sailboat or paddle surf and play beach volleyball in one of the nets that are already installed in the sand. This is one of the essential beaches for practicing this type of activity ”, Àngel notes. 

4. Fenals beach in Lloret de Mar 

We continue around the Catalan coast and arrive at Lloret de Mar, one of the tourist destinations par excellence on the Costa Brava. 

Here we will find Fenals beach, one of the most famous beaches in the area with 700 meters in length and crystal clear waters. 

In it you can kayak, navigate on a  catamaran, parasail (paragliding tugged by a motor boat), pedal skates, diving and rent all kinds of inflatables pulled by a motor boat.   

“For the most daring, I recommend trying parasailing. You fly on a paraglider that is pulled by a motor boat. A brutal experience. ” – Angel explains. 

5. La Barceloneta beach in Barcelona 

A must on your trip to Barcelona: a visit to Barceloneta beach. Mythical, a meeting point for young people, athletes, neighbors, tourists, merchants or university students. It´s full of beach restaurants where you can always find something to enjoy or someone to share the moment with. 

On this beach you can practice paragliding, catamaran sailing, rent a paddle surf and practice SUP yoga or play beach volleyball. 

6. Ribes Roges beach (Vilanova i la Geltrú) 

“This is my beach!” (smiles) “How could it not be my favorite beach if it is the beach where my work becomes my passion?” 

Àngel has been working as a nautical guide at the RocRoi experience center in Vilanova i la Geltrú for more than 10 years. Here you can practice activities such as sailing, paddle surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, surfing or pedaling located on one of the most emblematic beaches of the Coast of Garraf, the 1,000 meters long beach of Ribes Roges. 

7. El Garbí beach (Sant Carles de la Ràpita) 

The Delta, where the Mestral wind takes center stage and allows the practice of adventure experiences such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. 

Kayaking and paddle surfing is another of the activities that can be practiced both on the Ebro River and on El Garbí beach. “Kayaking on the Ebro River, the second longest river in the Peninsula, is a unique sensation: you find yourself alone with your kayak in front of so much immensity downstream and your mind clear enjoying that moment.” – Àngel has made this journey on several occasions and it  has never left him indifferent. 

What’s leftTo enjoy each of these beaches with whomever you want, however you want and whenever you want. 

We have the privilege of living in a coastal area full of environmental diversity rich in native flora and fauna that we must preserve. Under the Biosphere certification seal, we commit ourselves to work constantly in the field of sustainability and respect for people and our environment.