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RocRoi, the leading company in the adventure sports sector in our country, and GoPro, a leading company in the action camera market, have reached a collaboration agreement in which user experiences will become the main objective so that everyone can have the best video or photo of their activity carried out with ROCROI.


Sharing the experiences of rafting or kayaking in the social networks of the users is one of the strategies that RocRoi wants to promote to achieve a good positioning of the adventure activities, and this will be possible thanks to this agreement with GoPro.

The collaboration will begin at the ROCROI activity center in Llavorsí this August, where the main activities are rafting, canyoning, kayaking and all the adventure activities that take place at the Pallars Sobirà (Lleida).

A  lasting agreement

The objective of this agreement, between two companies that love adventure sports and nature, is to improve the user experience and create an affinity with both brands.
The recording of rafting descents and the photographs impregnated with life in a unique natural site are some of the most powerful actions to share experiences with other users.
This agreement will help position both brands as the main companies in the adventure sports market in Spain.

One of the most interesting points for users will be the possibility of participating in competitions with prizes, which will soon begin to be disseminated to the XXSS of ROCROI and GoPro.

The director of marketing of ROCROI, Gemma Grau, comments: ‘For ROCROI is another step forward to associate the image of our brand with a company like GoPro that is a world leader in its field. This collaboration is part of the different agreements that we are closing with other brands in order to improve the experience for our customers. ‘

ROCROI is one of the important names of adventure sports in our country. ROCROI was born in 1996 in Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà – Lleida), offering spring, summer activities (rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking …) the offer has been expanding. Since 2000, winter activities have been offered (dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country and mountain skiing, workshops, training …).
The objective of its founders, recognized river and mountain guides, was and is to meet an increasingly growing demand for activities in nature. ROCROI wants to convey and make known to its customers the sensations and experiences that adventure sports provide the founders themselves.
ROCROI aims to be the best operator of sustainable adventures that bring human beings closer to nature, connecting them with emotion, self-realization, self-expression and social commitment.
In product creation, we always seek excellence • excellence, innovation, maximum quality and safety, and competitiveness; Thus, we are always in continuous evolution of our activity, always supervising and taking care of the smallest detail so that the client is always satisfied.
Our activities are fully adapted to all types of customer profiles; individuals, families and groups, explorers, schoolchildren, nature lovers and lovers of authentic adventure, incentives for companies … can find their place in the wide range of proposals and activities.
Lluís Rabaneda // (+34) 973 62 20 35

GoPro releases users who enjoy the moment and inspire others to do the same. Cameras, applications and accessories … everything we do is aimed at helping you capture life as it is, live the experience and spread your enthusiasm. We believe that sharing our experiences brings them a greater emotional load and makes them much more fun.
GoPro was born in 2002 by Nick Woodman, surfer, skier and motor enthusiast in search of a better way to record video surfing with friends. What started with a 35mm camera and a wrist strap made of tattered old wetsuits and pieces of plastic has become an international company that has sold more than 26 million GoPro cameras in more than 100 countries.
However, it is the millions of passionate GoPro users around the world that permeate the life of magic. They flatter and inspire us every day with their incredible creativity, which helps us see the world from completely new perspectives and pushes us to continue creating the most amazing and innovative products possible.
Enric Clos // (+34) 93 825 65 87