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River: Discovering the Soul of Outdoor Adventure with José María Miró: A Journey through Whitewater and Beyond

José María in Zimbabwe (Zambece adventure)

At the heart of adventure sports, where the roar of water meets human determination, there is a man passionate about whitewater: Jose Maria Miró.

With a history in mighty rivers and distant landscapes, he has become a true lover of the outdoors, a fearless explorer who has challenged the waters of the world’s wildest rivers. We sat down with him to uncover his journey, his challenges, and his love for kayaking and beyond.

Introducing oneself to the outdoor world

When he was barely 14-15 years old, José Maria immersed himself in the outdoor world in a way that would change his life forever. At a time when whitewater activities were virtually unknown, a pioneering Frenchman established a campsite offering adventures in whitewater. It was there that José Maria ventured into this world.

As other businesses started to emerge in Murillo de Gállego, he obtained all the necessary certifications to guide in various activities, from kayaking to canyoning.

His favorite adventure sport

While he loves climbing and canyoning, José Maria’s heart belongs to kayaking.

His passion for this sport has taken him on numerous journeys around the world, from Nepal to Zimbabwe, Chile, and Mexico. For him, combining his love for travel with his favorite sport has been an unparalleled experience. He especially recalls a striking experience in Nepal, where they walked for days to reach a river, immersing themselves completely in the culture and life of villages along the way.

Challenges in the outdoor world

When asked about the challenges facing the outdoor world today, José Maria reflected on the need to respect nature and weather conditions. He advised those wanting to start in this world to seek suitable guides or instructors, as these sports heavily depend on external factors.

He recommended starting with RocRoi, as it not only offers activities divided by levels but also provides safety and companionship.

Exploring new horizons

Despite his extensive experience in whitewater, there’s a world that José Maria has yet to explore at RocRoi: snow sports.

He’s intrigued by the idea of trying mushing and snowmobiling in Andorra.

Despite his familiarity with aquatic environments, he is excited about the prospect of facing a new challenge in the snow.

Remembering the Journey down the Zambezi

He fondly remembers his first trip to Africa with the team of “Al Filo de lo Imposible,” specifically their descent down the Zambezi River in 1999.

It was a journey filled with tense moments, where respect for the river was paramount. A companion ventured into a dangerous area, leading to many moments of tension.

This is how José Maria’s journey through the outdoor world has been a lesson in respect, passion, and courage. His stories remind us of the beauty and complexity of nature, as well as the importance of approaching it with humility and respect.

As RocRoi embarks on its new category of “Outdoor Lovers,” individuals like José Maria serve as inspiration to all of us, reminding us that true adventure begins when we dare to challenge our limits.