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ROCROI improves the forecast during the month of July thanks to its own prevention protocols

The Sport’s General Secretary has positively approved the RocRoi prevention health protocols

The children’s camps in Vilanova y la Geltrú have managed to carry out more than 4,500 nautical activities

RocRoi managed to improve the forecasts for this month of July thanks to the strict drafting of its own preventive health protocols approved by the Sport’s General Secretary; and the rapid adaptation of adventure experiences to new circumstances.

More than 3,000 people practiced adventure activities in the RocRoi center in Llavorsí this July. 60% of them have practiced rafting, the star activity of the summer in Pallars Sobirà. RocRoi has been able to adapt this adventure activity to the current situation and offers exclusive rafting descents for the same family or coexistence groups.


As for the children’s camps during the summer in the RocRoi center in Vilanova y la Geltrú, for this month of July, the children who registered have already practiced more than 4,500 nautical activities. In total, 30% less than the previous year due to the strict health prevention measures that RocRoi has applied to all registrants and which has caused a decrease in registrations during this month of July.

Approximately 80% of the customers who contributed to the improvement of the forecasts for the month of July come from inland tourism. RocRoi’s strategy for this month of July has been to focus on the Catalan market, to try to reactivate active tourism in Pallars Sobirà for the local customer.

During August, the trend is to continue betting on inland tourism and improving the forecast for all the centers.

The summer camps for children will continue throughout the month of August and until September 11, including bank holidays. ‘We are optimistic for this month of August. This year many residents of Vilanova will choose not to go on vacation, and summer camps for boys and girls are a good option ” says Lluis Rabaneda, CEO of RocRoi.

RocRoi continues to push on safety and renews the material every year

Despite the crisis, RocRoi has decided to invest in new equipment and, more specifically, five ERPLAST model L catamarans for its Vilanova y la Geltrú center.

The investment has also been reflected in the Llavorsí and La Torrassa centers where new hydrospeed models have been acquired to improve the user experience in the river. In La Torrassa lake, RocRoi incorporated a ‘food truck’ that offers fresh drinks, hot and cold sandwiches and snacks, ideal to enjoy this natural setting during the day, open from 10am to 9pm.

ROCROI is one of the important names of adventure sports in our country. ROCROI was born in 1996 in Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà – Lleida), offering spring, summer activities (rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking …) the offer has been expanding. Since 2000, winter activities have been offered (dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country and mountain skiing, workshops, training …).
The objective of its founders, recognized river and mountain guides, was and is to meet an increasingly growing demand for activities in nature. ROCROI wants to convey and make known to its customers the sensations and experiences that adventure sports provide the founders themselves.
ROCROI aims to be the best operator of sustainable adventures that bring human beings closer to nature, connecting them with emotion, self-realization, self-expression and social commitment.
In product creation, we always seek excellence • excellence, innovation, maximum quality and safety, and competitiveness; Thus, we are always in continuous evolution of our activity, always supervising and taking care of the smallest detail so that the client is always satisfied.
Our activities are fully adapted to all types of customer profiles; individuals, families and groups, explorers, schoolchildren, nature lovers and lovers of authentic adventure, incentives for companies … can find their place in the wide range of proposals and activities.
Lluís Rabaneda // (+34) 973 62 20 35