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RocRoi reopens all its centers from next July 1st under the preventive sanitary measures indicated by the competent authorities drawn up in its own protocol that has been validated by the General Secretariat for Sport. Everything designed so that all clients can practice adventure activities under maximum security before the Covid-19.


During all these months of business stoppage, RocRoi has worked hard and made an effort to prepare a schedule of performances and sanitary measures in order to get the trust of all its clients to choose to practice adventure activities this summer.

Some of the measures that will be applied are the use of masks when the minimum physical distance of two meters cannot be ensured, the provision of disinfectant liquid dispensers and the attention to a maximum of three clients from different groups of coexistence in the receptions of the centers .

Here you can read all the sanitary measures that RocRoi has planned for this summer for all adventure activity centers.

The main objective of these measures is to ensure maximum safety for RocRoi customers and workers. That is why RocRoi has drawn up extensive action protocols in all centers with measures for both clients and workers. The application of these protocols is guaranteed and will adapt to the changes that the competent authorities apply at all times.

As for the adventure activities that can be carried out, practically all those that RocRoi carries out in all its centers can be practiced. Group activities will need to be carried out with people from the same family or group of coexistence, such as rafting in the center of Llavorsí. However, as mentioned above, these measures will be adapted to the circumstances and changes that the competent authorities apply at all times.

ROCROI Llavorsi-rafting 17

It is also worth mentioning that, adapting to the situation caused by the Covid-19, RocRoi has developed new activities that will be released this summer and that meet all sanitary requirements, such as yoga and SUP yoga on the beach of Vilanova, the possibility of making private rafting descents, the Big SUP and a FoodTruck on Lake Torrassa. At the same time that he has visualized new projects such as that of, a department that has already existed for 10 years and with which RocRoi plans the entire business branch that develops at the consulting and event organization level.

For RocRoi, the safety of its customers and its workers is a turning point and a priority to achieve their trust. Users will have direct access through QR codes in the informative document with the sanitary measures to follow before, during and after practicing adventure activities; and the guides and monitors will be available to all customers to resolve any questions or concerns regarding these measures.

RocRoi has developed these measures so that all clients can enjoy adventure activities this summer almost like any other summer and that the fun does not stop!

Do not miss the opportunity to practice your favorite activities with RocRoi and book now at for this summer! We will wait for you!

ROCROI is one of the important names of adventure sports in our country. ROCROI was born in 1996 in Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà – Lleida), offering spring, summer activities (rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking …) the offer has been expanding. Since 2000, winter activities have been offered (dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country and mountain skiing, workshops, training …).
The objective of its founders, recognized river and mountain guides, was and is to meet an increasingly growing demand for activities in nature. ROCROI wants to convey and make known to its customers the sensations and experiences that adventure sports provide the founders themselves.
ROCROI aims to be the best operator of sustainable adventures that bring human beings closer to nature, connecting them with emotion, self-realization, self-expression and social commitment.
In product creation, we always seek excellence • excellence, innovation, maximum quality and safety, and competitiveness; Thus, we are always in continuous evolution of our activity, always supervising and taking care of the smallest detail so that the client is always satisfied.
Our activities are fully adapted to all types of customer profiles; individuals, families and groups, explorers, schoolchildren, nature lovers and lovers of authentic adventure, incentives for companies … can find their place in the wide range of proposals and activities.
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