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Rafting for a stag and hen party

We are about to start the rafting season, one of the favorite sports for outdoor leisure lovers. That is why today we would like to remind you that if you are organizing a stag and hen party for the next few months, take this option into account, because we believe that celebrating this event rafting with friends is a perfect option.

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There may be more sports to choose for such an event, but rafting stands out because it is exciting and accessible to everyone. Proof of this: whoever does it for the first time often wants to repeat. What makes rafting so attractive? We believe there are four key factors:

Direct contact with nature. There are few sports activities as close to nature as rafting, because it is not about contemplating a landscape; this same landscape is a protagonist in the experience. The views from the perspective of the water channel are unbeatable, and in addition the participants will live every turn and every jump from the first row.

 Personalized experience. There is a variety of stretches and levels of difficulty to choose from, an thus every rafting experience is different. It’s just about choosing the one that suits best the tastes of your people.

160430_rafting_T3_Edu_OK_327 copyIt does not require experience or a specific physical form. A good rafting experience is the one that meets the participants expectations. In this case, it’s easy because to practice it it is not necessary to have a good physical form or previous experience. Everyone can do it: you just have to follow the guide’s instructions during the activity to have a great time.

Encourage group fun. Unlike other activities, rafting is only understood as a group sport. Practicing it is the best way to “break the ice” in a bachelor party in which people from different backgrounds usually gather.

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In ROCROI we have the experience, the equipment and the ideal infrastructure to take care of your stag and hen party. In addition, like every season, we will have brand new material. The boats that have had to be repaid during the previous season, are replaced by new material to always offer the best equipments to our clients.

We have more and more requests from people who want to celebrate this special occasion doing outdoor sports. We have many options to complement rafting with activities for the rest of the day, as well as catering, lodging and transportation services. Ask us: we will be delighted to help you organize this special getaway.