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Why are people so crazy about paddle surf? Today, we want to tell you the story of one of these passionates, Antonio de la Rosa, who attemps to travel 2,200 km by the waters of the Arctic Circle on an inflatable board of paddle surf. With this new challenge, De la Rosa aims to become the first sailor to meet the challenge.


The town of Ilulissat in Greenland witnessed on Thursday 30th the beginning of the new challenge by adventurer Antonio de la Rosa, which will bring him to Alert (Canada). His curiosity and passion for sports and snow have led him to undertake this new challenge, the second in his TriWinterChallenge 2016, with three challenges in winter environments.

Antonio de la Rosa said, “I am aware of the dangers in this new expedition. The board has to carry a lot of weight, a total of 110 kilos, it is very difficult to move forward and any strange movement can make me fall into icy waters, at 4ºC. I have a dry equipment, but the feeling would be very unpleasant. There are also bears and other dangerous animals which I’d rather not meet.

The adventurer said: “I am finding lots of ice, especially in the area of ​​Saqqaq. Really it is an odyssey sailing there. I have to zigzag constantly to find the safest path. An area of 20 km with icebergs of all sizes. It’s huge. The acceleration of melting glaciers is evident. Everytime a block breaks, its sounds like thunder. It gives me the creeps.”

The TriWinterChallenge by Antonio de la Rosa are three different challenges he plans to achieve in 2016, all of them in snow environments. The first one was in Alaska, where he took part in the Invitation Iditarod Trail with his fat bike; now he is crossing the Arctic Circle, and finally he will travel to the South Pole, to reach to the geographic South Pole on nordic skis.


For further information you can check his website:

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