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Forget the office: when traveling for business also leaves room for sports in the heart of nature


Holidays are not the only way for travellers to try new experiences. Among the alternatives, business trips stand out and can become, paradoxically, the best way to escape from routine.   

Traveling is strongly connected with rest, relaxation and getting away from all worries. However, business trips are very recurrent and, increasingly, the aim is to turn this type of tourism into 360-degree experiences. So much so that even those who travel to Spain for work reasons find the time to enjoy the region’s gastronomy, its culture and, why not, its nature. This is bleisure travel, one of the tourism trends that has gained most momentum in recent years in business travel.   

The key is to combine work and leisure, so that visitors who travel for work also take the opportunity to live other types of experiences, taking advantage of the flexible schedules that are increasingly the order of the day. Whether they are meetings of small groups of executives or groups of nearly 500 employees of multinational companies, business and congress tourism (MICE) moves millions of people around the world every day and coexists perfectly with sports tourism. But what entertainment and relaxation options are available to this type of traveller? 


Congress tourism in the heart of nature 

Going from the spotlight of the office to the immensity of nature is an incentive that no employee would say no to. Moreover, companies that offer their teams outdoor experiences strengthen the ties between the different departments of the company, motivate employees and facilitate teamwork. In short: boost productivity. 

The possibilities for this type of trip are endless. At RocRoi, as members of the Catalunya Convention Bureau and the Andorra Convention Bureau, we are used to personalizing the experience and adapting it to congress tourism. Therefore, we adapt to the needs of each group of companies and are prepared to offer all kinds of events on the beach, in the river and in the mountains. 

Our base in Vilanova y la Geltrú is one of the most visited and best located centers for this type of activity. From the Ribes Roges beach, just 40 kilometers from Barcelona and halfway to Tarragona, in the heart of the Garraf Coast, it is a preferential enclave and perfectly located to receive all types of tourists who attend congresses or meetings in Barcelona or Sitges. 

Don’t be afraid to miss the plane, as the centre of Vilanova is only half an hour away from the airport. In addition, the base has all kinds of services for those who want a few hours of relaxation on the beach, as well as for those who want to try the most extreme sports. Although we adapt to the itinerary of activities or services required by each group, the Vilanova base offers kayaking expeditions, Big SUP outings, sailing or catamaran excursions, windsurfing or skateboarding, among others.   

Another of our most popular centres for congress tourism is the one in Andorra. Located at the foot of the Grandvalira ski resort, from the Grau-Roig base, near the Moretó Forest, the sledges, snowmobiles and snow expeditions start out. It is one of the most demanded options by companies that visit Spain in the winter season. Some choose to organize company meetings and take the opportunity to contract experiences of this type, which favors the generation of new ideas and the strengthening of teams. 

Others choose to invite their clients, with whom they hope to strengthen relationships, sign new agreements and bring positions closer together in a climate different from that offered by an office, surrounded by nature and enjoying leisure experiences. Undoubtedly, the wide and exclusive hotel offer in the area makes it a perfect place for this type of event. The offer includes private dinners in restaurants and night rides on snowmobiles, among other services. 

Whitewater rafting is another great adventure to experience with your company group, and the Noguera Pallaresa, in Catalonia, is one of the most suitable rivers for practicing water sports, such as rafting, kayaking, or canoeing, or the possibility to try canyoning. The base of Llavorsí is a privileged natural space where you can design your itinerary of activities and try exclusive services. 

MICE tourism, a billionaire business in Spain 

It is estimated that one in four tourists traveling the world does so to attend events, conferences or for business reasons. Therefore, it is not surprising that until 2019 this industry generated 12,314 million euros in Spain, according to a report by the Spain Convention Bureau and Braintrust. That same year, more than 5.4 million people came to the country for this reason, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics.