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If there is a tradition that the Pallars people especially love, this is the Night of “Falles”. An ancient tradition that is celebrated around the Summer solstice, which coincides more or less with Sant Joan (June, 24th). Hundreds of burning “falles” (torches) are lined in the mountains and squares of a handful of villages in the Pyrenees.

falles del pirineuIn 2015, this amazing tradition was recognised by being  inscribed in the list of intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco. A celebration that Catalonia shares with Andorra, Aragon and southern France. Clearly, a Pyrenean tradition that anyone who loves these mountains should live at least once.


A “falla” is a trunk or burning tea. There are many types of “falla”, and each village built it differently. In some places, people “run falles”;  in other villages they “go down with falles,” but what they all have in common is that they will end up burning in the middle of the square after having scared away the evil spirits through the streets of the town.


We will not go into more detail: what we do encourage you to come to live the night of “falles” in the Pyrenees. In the Pallars we have celebrations in Alins, Isil and La Pobla de Segur. And as they take place by night, you have also time enjoy our activities during the day. Take a look at the dates and organise a perfect weekend  of tradition and nature, emotion and culture. We wait for you!!!