Today we offer you one of the oldest and most natural ways to enter the middle of our wild, snowy landscapes, through our team of Nordic dogs that will make you enjoy our fantastic Grau Roig valley in a completely natural and different way in the ski resorts. GRAND VALIRA, where our winter activities center is located.

We can offer you different types of activities depending on your taste, we have a wide range of products starting with a 2 km walk or a 3km walk and as the star excursion the 5km walk. For the most adventurous we have the driving that will make you feel like real mushers.

muching_trineos_perros_pirineos Dog sled ride through Grau Roig.

It is very important that we are equipped correctly to be able to enjoy the activity to the fullest. During the ride, the correct thing to do is to wear appropriate snow clothing, hat, gloves, glasses, etc. to avoid the cold inside the sled you will be covered with a blanket, that with your warm clothing will allow you to withstand the lowest temperatures.


When driving, it will also be very important to wear comfortable footwear to be able to enjoy it to the fullest and thus be able to adapt to the mushing style as much as possible. It is highly advisable to carry a good camera to capture the sensations that we will experience, which will be many, the development of The activity is very simple, when you arrive the musher (guide) will introduce you to our Nordic team and if you have chosen a ride you will sit in the sleigh to enjoy the guide’s explanations and relax with the magical landscapes, if you have chosen driving the theme becomes more dynamic, first you will receive a brief explanation of how to drive the sled and after the basic orders, once you have the basic notions you will begin to drive your team of Nordic dogs, enjoying the environment with the adrenaline that driving a dog sled provides, while To finish we will go to pet and take photos with the dogs and we will reward them with a good dose of caresses.

Mushing or Dog Sledding RocRoi Family Activity