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SNOWMOBILE, how does it work?

Updated: 12/12/2023


Looking for adventure in Spain? You’ve probably thought of a getaway to the mountains as the perfect setting for a few exciting days full of adventure. And the winter season is no exception, the snow is perfect for turning a few days into an unforgettable memory full of emotions, whether you are an expert skier or just starting out, whether you like walking through the woods on snowshoes, whether you get your adrenalin pumping on a snowmobile or not.


The origin of snowmobiling


Snowmobiles originated in the northern regions, where harsh winter conditions and the presence of snow made conventional means of transport inefficient.

In the 1920s, Bombardier began experimenting with vehicles for travelling on snow. It was in 1959 that Bombardier launched the first modern snowmobile, known as the Ski-Doo model. This vehicle had a lightweight and efficient design, with a ski configuration at the front and a rubber band at the rear.

The Ski-Doo became a success and laid the foundation for the development of the snowmobile industry. Other manufacturers followed Bombardier’s example, and over the decades, many improvements were made. Snowmobiles are widely used in regions with extreme winter climates, as well as in recreational activities such as winter sports and competitions.


Discover snowmobiling


Dare to discover the snow from a different perspective, you have never been on a snowmobile or you don’t know how it works, we tell you all about it!

What is a snowmobile? It is a motor vehicle between a car and a bicycle. It works like a car, but can be driven like a bike, and although it may not look like it, it’s very easy! You drive it with your hands only, both the accelerator and the brake are built into the handlebars, there are no gears or chainrings.

A snowmobile is wide enough, which makes it very stable. In any case, the rider must help and accompany the snowmobile. When driving a snowmobile, the most important thing is the weight of the body, since a snowmobile weighs about 200 kg, and that is why it is necessary to help it when turning, by counterbalancing it to the right side, to facilitate the turn, and to avoid tipping over. But beware, there is one exception. When riding on a slope, the weight of the body must be shifted to the opposite side of the slope in order to rebalance the bike.

Riding a snowmobile can be very different depending on the snow conditions, riding on frozen, packed snow has nothing to do with riding on freshly fallen, untrodden powder. As we said, body weight plays an important role in riding, especially when riding on fresh snow, as the bike has to push its way through. Another world is the night-time snowmobile tours, which allow you to enjoy a spectacular starry sky while driving on tracks and roads at night, offering you a totally different and exciting experience. In all cases, snowmobiling is a very fun activity, we encourage you, if you have the opportunity, to try it, in some conditions or others, it’s worth it!

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Snowmobiles are vehicles covered in metal and plastic, which protect from snow and water ingress. Thanks to their chains and 70 horsepower, they can go everywhere, whatever the terrain. In our activity centre in Grau Roig in Grandvalira we use them to go for walks and live formidable adventures, but we must not forget that it is an essential and very useful element in winter, especially for rescue tasks, access to difficult places or to cover long distances in a very short time, among others. For ski resort workers, it is a very important working tool, which must be taken care of.

In our centre, every morning, we check every bike to make sure that everything is working properly: oil level, brakes, engine, … And we have a specialised mechanic.

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You can enjoy the activity alone on the bike or you can ride with a companion. The motorbikes are equipped with comfortable seats and rear backrests, allowing the passenger to sit comfortably. In all cases the accompanying passenger must follow the movements of the driver and also help with turns. The minimum age for children to be able to be a passenger in this activity is 5 years old, and to be able to drive you must be at least 18 years old, without the need to have a driving licence.

If you are looking for a snowy getaway in Andorra, snowmobiling is a must: alone, with children, with friends, snowmobiling will allow you to discover exceptional landscapes and very different sensations! And last but not least, the plus! Most of our snowmobiles have heated handlebars.