SNOWMOBILE, how does it work?


What is a snowmobile? It is exactly between a car and a bicycle: it works like the first one, and is driven like the second. But it is even easier! You drive without feet, only with hands: accelerator and brake. No speeds, no trays.

This is a very wide machine, which makes it particularly stable. But still, it’ s necessary to help in the conduction: the most important is the weight of the body! Why? Because the snowmobile weighs approximately 200 kg, thus you have to help it turning around by putting the most weight you can on the side you wanna go. The more weight you shall put, easier it will be to turn. To one exception: in case of sloping conduction, it will be necessary to make counterweight, and put the weight of the body on the opposite side of the slope to rebalance the moto.


To drive on cold and compact snow is very different that driving on powdery hardly fallen! The weight of the body is much more important in fresh snow because the moto has to dig in the snow to turn. But both are very funny, if you have the opportunity to try everything, that is worth it! It seems to be complicated? Don’t worry, that’s not, the movement comes intuitively.

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Snowmobiles are covered with metal and plastic parts, which protect from snow and water entrance. Thanks to their chains and  70 horses, they can pass everywhere, whatever is the ground. That is why they are used a lot in winter. It is a great adventure but it also permits to help wounded persons, to go to hard access places, to cover long distances in a short time, and more. For the ski resorts workers, it is a very important working tool, of which we need to care of.

Every morning, we make a check of every machine to be sure that everything works correctly: oil level, brakes, engine, … And we have a garage owner specialized in case of not functioning.

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You can be alone on the moto, or two persons. Machines are equipped with back and handles in the back, which allows the passenger to be comfortably settled. This one also has to help the moto to turn. He has to follow the movements of the driver with the higher part of the body. Children can be passenger from 5, and can drive from 18 even without driving licence. And for the children who wish to learn how to drive by themselves, we also have kids snowmobiles which can be driven on a closed and secured circuit. It is also made from 5 until 1m40.

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Lonely, with family, with friends, the snowmobile will allow you to discover numerous landscapes, very diversified, and all this in a short time! The nicest thing we kept for the end: On most of the machines, there are heating handles!

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