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Today we dedicate this post to one of our best RocRoi Grandvalira monitors, Joan. He can take you snowmobiling through the Moretó forest or teach you how to bow or prepare a mushing route through the valley.

But today we will focus on their specialty: the routes in long and short snowshoes, for both experts and beginners. Learn more about how they work, what you should keep in mind and how to fully enjoy the RocRoi experience.


Here we leave you the most interesting thing you should know about snowshoes:

– Hi Joan, thanks for helping us better understand the world of snowshoes. The first question is: what is the origin of the use of these rackets? What material are they normally made of?

The origin of snowshoes goes back more than 4,000 or 6,000 years ago and we find it in Central Asia. The inhabitants of the Caucasus used to tie flat leather surfaces on the soles of their shoes to move more easily along the snowy paths.

Today, the material with which snowshoes are made is polyurethane, a very strong and lightweight material that will help us move easily over snowy surfaces. In addition, at its base you will find small iron nails to avoid slipping on surfaces with snow and ice.


– Since when do you do these excursions? Could you tell us an excursion that you remember with love or surprising?

Working in the snow during the season is very rewarding: attention and direct contact with people and nature is amazing. Specifically, I have been in this profession for 11 years.

Actually, every outing I make surprises me, since nature surprises us daily with animals or games of colors that leave us speechless. In addition, it is fantastic when you realize the face of surprise and happiness of our customers to enjoy all this.

– Is this experience suitable for all audiences and physical conditions?

Yes, without any doubt. It is a recreational activity suitable for all audiences, although it is true that everyone goes at their own pace, but it is an easy and very nice activity to do it with whoever you want.

– Tell us a little more about the landscape, what will you see on the tour? Why should you choose this area to take the tour?

Grau-Roig is a sector of the Grandvalira ski resort where Lake Pessons is located, one of the largest in the Andorran Pyrenees and the Madriu Valley that was declared a World Heritage Cultural Landscape by Unesco in 2004. Its great natural and animal wealth allows us to enjoy one of the most beautiful protected natural areas of the Pyrenees. In it we can travel hundreds of trails in the Moretó forest that run through the valley to all the lakes and observe endangered species of animals.

– Tell us what advice you would give to interested people? What clothes should they wear? And in the backpack, what are the essentials?

It is important to have a strong breakfast before going out on snowshoes and, most importantly, wanting to have fun. Another advice I give you is to wear comfortable and warm clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen and, above all, good shoes. Do not forget for long excursions bring a snack.

– ¿Qué duración recomendarías a los principiantes?

Nuestra salida de raquetas de nieve de 2h es la más habitual para principiantes porque recorremos tranquilamente el bosque del Moretó que tiene zonas de poco desnivel. Pero la salida de 3h que es al lago de Pessons, donde el desnivel es más importante, es una experiencia alucinante. La recomiendo a todos nuestros clientes siempre.


– And the experienced hikers? Why do you think it might be attractive in this case?

Experienced hikers will like the exit very much, since, knowing the snowshoe system, they can enjoy more of the landscape they will visit. To them I recommend the departure of 3h or 5h to Lake Pessons and some peak such as Montmalús, Pic Negre, Pic del Cubil, among others. Also let them know that we rent racket material in case some prefer to go free and spend the day touring the valley.

RocRoi at the forefront of the best monitors worldwide

In RocRoi we have been able to enjoy some of the most expert monitors in the world in their specialty. For example in kayaking a few years ago we could enjoy the brothers Aniol Serrasolses and Gerd Serrasolses as monitors in our Llavorsí river activity center and now traveling the world practicing their passion: river kayaking.