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In this post we will explain what are the secrets of making a correct rafting descent, how to place the paddle at all times and how to execute the descent in the safest possible way.


On the day of your rafting descent reservation, it is necessary that you all go to the RocRoi rafting base just a couple of kilometers from the town of Llavorsí (between Llavorsí and Rialp), where the instructors will give you all the complete equipment to start the rafting experience.

The activity begins when we are already well equipped from the RocRoi base: wetsuits, wetsuits, helmet and life jacket; and we go to the bus or in the vans, which will take us to the starting point of the activity.

A quick explanation

Once we arrive at the starting point of the activity, our monitors will give you a short briefing in which they will explain the paddling techniques, position inside the rafting boat and safety in case someone falls into the water.

First of all, you have to know how to sit in the rafting boat and where you have to put your feet to have a better balance.

Next, you have to learn how to take the paddle correctly in order to have more effective paddles, they will explain how to row forward, back and stop or stop position. For this to be possible, you have to stretch your arms forward, placing the shovel vertically and dragging the shovel backwards always with great coordination.

Keep in mind that the first to row are the two people who are sitting in front of the rafting boat in front of everything. These two people are the captains of the boat and it is necessary for the whole group to follow them in the paddle movements.

Safety is one of our pillars

Next, a basic and very important part to guarantee the safety of our clients is to know what position to adopt when any of the people in the boat falls into the water in the river rapids: feet in the direction of where the current, legs slightly open (feet in front) and flexed, always face up to be able to breathe at all times and to be able to listen to the guides’ instructions. It is also important not to let go of the paddle, so that once you return to the boat, you can again help to propel it.

Our vests are approved with ISO 12402/6, which is a specific standard for use in commercial rafting, since it has some key elements for safety and buoyancy. The model we use is the #noguerapallaresa of our River People Stuff (RPS) brand, we created this design to maximize the safety of all our clients.

To help the person return to the boat, if the participant who has fallen into the water is near the boat, the client who is closest by the position of the boat should only lengthen the oar on the side of the ” T “so that it can be easily grabbed and brought closer to the boat and then get on the boat and continue navigation.

Or, in case it is a little further away, all our monitors or guides have a rescue bag in which we will find a rope inside. The monitor will launch the rope to the person in the water. Once the person is next to the rafting boat we take him back to the boat taking him by the life jacket.

In the event that the person who has fallen into the water is near the boat and can hold on to the perimeter safety rope that all the boats carry, they must hold on to it and the closest companion will help them get on.

The rafting trip from Llavorsí – Rialp 14km

When we have already heard the explanation, we do a brief practice before starting and we are ready to enter the river.

The descent begins to the Cardós river and we will continue along the Noguera Pallaresa river until the end of the route.

The first five kilometers are the calmest of the river, we only found a rapid just above the RocRoi base called “la Lavadora”. It is a short fast but of high difficulty, where you have to follow the current line very well.

After this fast, we enter the Moleta area, the quietest part of the descent, where we will take the opportunity to relax a bit until we reach the bathing area, the ideal river area to jump into the water for a while.

Throughout the descent we will meet photographers, who will be located in the most photographic points of the river and that our monitors know and will notify you so that you can prepare for the funniest photo.

After relaxation, the most difficult rapids area of ​​the river begins.
All the rapids have a name and the guides will explain to you as you go through them, they are all different: longer, shorter, stronger or weaker. This is the point where you have to paddle more, coordinate as much as possible and try not to let anyone fall into the water. Adrenaline is guaranteed.

We have now reached the end where we are just a couple of kilometers away to reach the town of Rialp where the bus awaits us to return to the base.


What better way than to end the experience with a good hot shower, a soft drink at the bar and a few smiles looking at the photographs that the photographers will have taken of you?

This summer, we are waiting for RocRoi for a thousand and one adventures!