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The secrets of the Sierra de Guara: the ideal destination for canyoneering

If you want to know closely one of the most impressive geological formations of the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara and enjoy thrilling adventures practicing canyoning, the Aragonese Pyrenees is your destination.

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To talk about Sierra de Guara is to talk about canyoning. This mountain range comprises the largest protected natural area of Aragon. A paradise of rocks and mountains that offers endless possibilities for lovers of adventure sports. Especially, it is a space that offers the ideal conditions for the practice of canyoning. We are in front of the neuralgic center of this specialty in Europe.

This activity, which is practiced in the canyons or ravines of a river, and offers various enriching experiences in the middle of nature, is available for all ages and levels. So whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, descents in the Sierra de Guara is the ideal place where you can go to enjoy the best descents of water canyons and ravines throughout the continent. Not in vain, the territory is known as the European capital of canyoning. The hidden and solitary routes that run through the Huesca Pyrenees and its unique orography offer all kinds of routes with which to enjoy this activity and nature in a unique environment.

Sierra de Guara: cradle of canyoning in Europe

Specifically, more than 70 water canyons or ravines make up this paradise of rock and crystal clear water among which you can live countless adventures. Among them, the most prominent and iconic are those of the Vero River, La Peonera, Masc├║n, Petit Masc├║n, Gorgonch├│n, Portiacha, Fornocal, Palomeras de Fornocal, Basender, Oscuro de Balces, among others.

In fact, the first of them is considered the cradle of canyoning in the old continent. In the 60’s, thousands of adventurers went every year to the canyon of the Vero canyon in a route that lasted up to 6 hours. However, if what you want is to capture the best snapshots to never forget this experience, the Masc├║n canyon is the one that offers the best possibilities. Due to its orography, it is as beautiful as it is difficult, which makes it not as popular as others.

From RocRoi, one of the leading companies in southern Europe in the organization of outdoor sports experiences, we have a base in Murillo de Gallego, in the Kingdom of the Mallos, in the Aragonese pre-Pyrenees. From this privileged and unique environment in Europe for the practice of canyoning, you can enjoy the descents of Arandari, Gorgol, 1/2 Formiga, Peonera or Rasa, among others, with the help of a specialized guide.

We have two levels of canyoning depending on whether the activity is recommended for children or for more experienced people. In the first case, these are descents with an approximate duration of 3 hours, open from 10 years old, and even available for 8 year olds who have previously done the multi-adventure circuit that we offer in our center.

In the second case, those who want to enjoy firsthand the experience of rappelling, jumping and descending the slides of the Sierra de Guara, you have at your disposal more demanding canyons. These are more technical routes, both in terms of difficulty and in terms of the effort and time you will have to dedicate to them.

This activity is available for people over 14 years old and depending on the difficulties experienced and the weather, it can last up to 4 hours and a half. This is a good opportunity to test your skills in canyons such as Formiga or Peonera in the Sierra de Guara and others such as Boca del Infierno or Foz de Fago, which are located in other areas of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Update: 01/03/2024