The origin of snowmobiles and their topicality

Did you know that the origin of snowmobiles dates back to the 1920s in Quebec, Canada? When the need arose to find a vehicle capable of transporting people to hospitals or transporting medicine between cities.

Then 14-year-old handyman Joseph-Armand Bombardier, whose hobby was fixing home gadgets from clocks to car engines, spent a year mechanically modifying a Ford Model T and changing its chassis to skis.

In 1921, Joseph left home behind the wheel of the first “snowmobile” with an airplane propeller! in the back.


Bombardier moto de nieve 1921


Can you imagine a snowmobile with an airplane propeller?

In short, and this is how the concept of ‘snowmobile’ has evolved to what we see now. These days, snowmobiles are used for many things, but mostly for mountain rescues, at ski resorts, and for the recreation and enjoyment of adrenaline junkies.

Did I feel adrenaline?

So here we are! If you add nature and adventure to adrenaline, we have the perfect combination for the total experience.

And if, in addition, you add the ideal location? Well, I won’t even tell you.

In Grandvalira, the most important ski resort in southern Europe and the most touristic area: Grau Roig. Where you will find a gastronomic offer, hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes, activities in the snow such as snowmobiling, dog sledding, snowshoeing, the construction of an authentic igloo, and, for the most daring, adventures Nordic.

Renting a snowmobile with a guide in Grandvalira-Grau Roig is a unique experience. You can choose a double bike to share or an individual bike, it’s up to you! From 30 minutes to 2 hours of course, in group or exclusively. You choose that!

You will cross the forest of Moretó in Grau Roig, one of the most beautiful in spring and winter, with its snow-covered fir trees, hidden paths and cinematic landscapes.


Other snow activities to try this winter in Grau Roig

As you already know, at RocRoi we love adrenaline, adventure and nature, so with these ingredients we also offer muxing or dog sledding, snowshoeing, building a real igloo. Pure adventure!

And if you want to add more excitement to your experiences, try them at night.

Motorcycles, muixing or snowshoes at night are experiences that we cannot explain to you, you have to live them.

So don’t wait any longer and #letsROC

Plan the winter, choose the dates, prepare your ski clothes, your polarized glasses and the powder!

We are waiting for you at, visit us!