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Kayak Immersion for beginners in Llavorsi: White Water Kayaking Baptism



Since we started in 1996, RocRoi has centered its activity around kayaking and everything related to it. All the founders of RocRoi were and are passionate about kayaking and its variations. We have developed activities such as the Open Kayak, double whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking trips along the coast of Barcelona, and even in Patagonia, Argentina, or Greenland!

Position in the kayak and recognizing materials


In our Llavorsi center and for the 2014 season, we have developed a new activity called “Kayak Immersion.” It is designed to be a 2-hour white water kayak baptism for those who want to try white water kayaking but are not ready for a full course that requires a minimum number of hours and aren’t sure if they will enjoy it. With Kayak Immersion, they can now give it a try in a safe, quick, and cost-effective way. It allows them to assess whether kayaking becomes their passion, just as it is for us.


The idea is very simple. Using the same equipment that we use for our multi-day kayak courses, we will conduct a 2-hour session in which we will introduce you to a series of minimal and fundamental concepts, such as:

  • Recognition of the material.
  • Adaptation of the kayak to the morphology of each practitioner.
  • How to access the kayak safely.
  • How to get out of the kayak in case of capsize.
  • How to use the material to board the kayak.
  • Kayak propulsion (forward and backward).
  • Body position.
  • Types of basic strokes.
  • Balance.
Ejercicios de iniciación en la navegación de aguas bravas
Exercises for initiation in white water navigation.



In addition, during these 2 hours, we will ensure that all participants complete a 1 km descent, so you can experience the sensations of descending the river in the best possible way, in a kayak!!! We recommend that those of you who want to try white water kayaking do this test we’ve named Kayak Immersion. This activity is carried out in the afternoons, in an ideal environment, right below our facilities, along the Noguera Pallaresa River, which allows for optimal conditions, especially from June to October. For those of you interested in this, feel free to contact our reservations team for more details on this activity, which will undoubtedly brighten your day!


UPDATED (19/10/2023):

Many adventurers have discovered whitewater kayaking since we launched the Kayak Immersion initiative in Llavorsí in 2014. It’s a fantastic way to explore river kayaking. If you’re intrigued by the idea, this activity is perfect for your first experience, offering a combination of river thrills and the guidance of experienced instructors who will provide you with all the necessary information for a successful introduction.

Among all the forms of kayaking you can enjoy in Spain, kayaking in lakes, sea coast or rivers, whitewater kayaking has something special that attracts and captivates.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast and have never tried whitewater kayaking, you can’t miss the Kayak Immersion experience!

Of all the types of kayaking, whitewater offers unique experiences and intense emotions that have already hooked many kayaking enthusiasts.

RocRoi’s relationship with kayaking, which has been with us since our beginnings, has only grown stronger. The same passion we had at the start is still present today, increasingly linked to a more sustainable approach.

Stay tuned to our posts to keep up with all the latest news!