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Interview with Didac Lee: Exploring the Passion for the Outdoors and Adventure Sports

Meet Didac Lee, an outdoor sports enthusiast who shares his love for nature and adventure. 

From scuba diving to snowboarding and quad biking, Didac has explored a variety of outdoor activities over the years.

1. Discovering the Passion for Outdoor Sports


Could you explain how you got into the world of outdoor activities?

Didac tells us about his journey into the exciting world of outdoor sports and how he discovered his passion for these thrilling activities.

Didac: I’ve always enjoyed outdoor sports. I started years ago with scuba diving, then got into snowboarding, and recently, I’ve enjoyed quad biking and buggy rides.

2. Diving into Scuba Diving


What is your favorite adventure sport and why?

When asked about his favorite adventure sport, Didac shares his love for scuba diving and the unique sensation he experiences underwater.

Didac: It’s hard to choose, but if I had to pick one, I’d say scuba diving. I love both the sea and the mountains equally, but scuba diving takes me to a new world‚ÄĒit’s like being an astronaut in the depths of the sea.

3. Memorable Experiences Underwater


Could you share your best memory or experience practicing this sport?

Didac recounts one of his best moments while scuba diving, highlighting the excitement and grandeur of the experience.

Didac: I have many incredible memories, but just three days ago, I was diving in Japan among sharks an amazing experience. And a couple of months ago, in the Red Sea, we swam with dolphins and visited some of the most interesting sunken ships from World War II.

4. Challenges and Opportunities in the Outdoor World


What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the outdoor activities sector today?

Didac reflects on the current challenges facing the outdoor activities sector, offering his perspective on how to improve and evolve in a changing world.

Didac: In my opinion, the outdoor sector needs to professionalize more to continue evolving. It’s common for a company in this sector to start because its founder is passionate, but to continue evolving, that founder must learn to be an entrepreneur, implement new marketing strategies to reach more people, and above all, improve the customer experience to make activities more accessible to everyone.

5. Tips for Novices in Adventure Sports


What advice would you give to someone who has never tried this adventure sport?

Didac offers valuable advice for those looking to venture into the world of adventure sports, emphasizing the importance of safety and proper guidance.

Didac: My advice would be to go to a center where safety, good equipment, and good instructors are guaranteed, and not to put it off until tomorrow.

6. New Adventures to Discover with RocRoi


What activity from the RocRoi platform would you like to try that you haven’t tried yet?

Didac shares his desire to explore new adventures with RocRoi, revealing a particular activity he would like to experience in the future.

Didac: I would love to try snow quads with caterpillar tracks.

The interview with Didac Lee has taken us on an exciting journey through the world of outdoor and adventure sports. From his beginnings in scuba diving to his most memorable experiences in snow and water, Didac has shown us how nature can be both a playground for adventure and a refuge for connection and discovery.

His reflections on the challenges of the outdoor sector invite us to consider how we can improve and professionalize to make these experiences accessible to everyone. Furthermore, his advice for novices reminds us of the importance of safety and proper guidance on any new adventure.

In summary, Didac inspires us to seek new adventures, care for our natural environment, and live life to the fullest. With nature as our playground and the outdoors as our horizon, we can continue exploring, growing, and finding the true essence of adventure.