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ICT Innovation Day

Last week, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) organized the ICT Innovation Day in the Tourism sector in Vilanova i la Geltrú. The event wanted to boost the technological innovation of companies in the tourism sector. If you missed it, we want to highlight some messages from the participants, who with their knowledge of the territory and tourism provide an interesting vision to the sector.
Jornades TIC

Neus Lloveras, mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú: “Vilanova is committed to innovative, responsible and sustainable tourism”, compatible with the characteristics that rends the city unique.

Jordi William Carnes, President of CTecno and General Director of the Consorci de Turisme de Barcelona: “Digital tools are a tool, an instrument to help, not a destination”.

Jornades TICJosep Antoni Donaire, geographer and professor of Tourism at UdG: “In the change of tourist model, the most important vector is technology, but technology is not an end, but a means at the service of change. Technology does not imply dehumanization, but rather adds value to human labor. “

Joan Manuel Gallego, manager at Estació Nàutica de Vilanova: “ICT innovation are projects and trends to make the entire value chain from digital technologies more profitable and competitive.”

Lluís Rabaneda, CEO of ROCROI Adventure Center, explained that thanks to a technology partner, it has become the first adventure sports business with an online booking platform. With this tool, ROCROI has managed to receive more traffic on its website, and it creates brand awareness, engagement and community generation.

Jornades TICDavid Andreu, project manager at ADQA Anxanet, explained that free wifi is one of the reasons why travelers, whether for work or leisure, choose a particular hotel. The demand for internet connection will grow, and this is why there will be more opportunities for establishments.

Jimmy Pons, innovation maker at Bluebay Resorts, explained that they have created the first thermometer of their clients’ happiness, through sensors that inform about their emotions. With this tool the company is able to analyze the data and make decisions to improve its services.

Jornades TIC Antonio Martín, CEO at Turismo Vivencial, explained this innovative proposal of tourism, where the traveler becomes protagonist with more than 700 experiences with local people.

 Carlos Cuffí, program director of Digital Transformation at Mobile World Capital Barcelona explained that mobile technology is becoming more accessible and cheaper, and people use it even before than companies, a very important paradigm shift.

Jornades TIC