Mejores rutas en kayak en España: desde playas paradisiacas 🏝️ hasta aguas bravas 💦 ¡Reserva ya! ➤


August. A good time for canyoning, since usually at this time we have the ideal levels of water to ensure a fun adventure with the security standards that ROCROI always seeks in the activities we offer.

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Canyoning is a spectacular activity, a perfect combination of nature and sport. It is addictive and it is increasingly engaging more inconditional followers. This sport allows us to discover incredible spots, often far from the busiest routes, while following the paths that water has been carving in the rocks and mountains over thousands of years. Fortunately, in our territory there are many gullies, and for this reason we are able to offer activities according to different degrees of difficulty.

If you are a beginnger, Berrós Gully is perfect for a first contact with this sport. It is suitable for all ages, so it is the ideal choice if you go with your family. And if you already know this sport, you have to go to the Hell Gully. Spectacular. Located in the area Collegats Gorge, it is a magnificent ravine that allows you to enjoy nature and water as you go down the gully. Below there is an image gallery that speaks for itself, and eventually it will convince you that a visit to Hell in summer is not a bad idea at all. And morever, don’t miss these days our special offers for canyoning in our Last Minute activities!

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